Become Cloud-Native

If you’re a developer or an architect who has taken online classes and read everything you can to understand cloud-native, replatforming, and modernizing apps, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and code. Be empowered to build better software with Pivotal’s Platform Acceleration Lab (PAL).

PAL Schedule
CND (only) CNA
June 4-7 Apr 9-26
Sep 10-13 Jul 9-26
Dec 17-20 Oct 8-25
Jan 14-31

All sessions held in Boulder, CO. Private sessions also available.

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Practical, Hands-On Enablement

Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Spring, and Spring Cloud Services are the de-facto platform and application development frameworks for leading brands driving digital transformation. We make sure you get to experience them.

Use Cloud Foundry to understand what it is and how it runs
Understand key app-centric constructs—from app and manifest to buildpack and binding
Perform app portfolio analysis in an agile way
Ensure you know how to avoid analysis paralysis
Overcome deployment obstacles
Identify, codify, and leverage reusable patterns for modernization across a portfolio
Know when (and when not) to break microservices out of the monolith

Program Requirements

Anyone interested in becoming a cloud-native architect should attend. PAL is designed for lead developers and coding-architects because you’ll need to write code, have done some advance work with modern software, and have familiarity with design patterns, domain-driven design, component-based architecture, and evolutionary architecture.

“The course’s progression was well thought out and the labs continually challenged the participants. So many of the technical workshops simply skim over major concepts, our PAL instructors did not.”

Brad Starkenberg, Principal Solutions Architect, Luxoft/INSYS Group

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Helping Partners Transform: The Pivotal Platform Acceleration Lab

Pivotal strongly believes in empowering our customers to build better software. The PAL is a dedicated facility in Boulder, CO where partner software engineers and architects are immersed in a three-week application replatforming course.
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