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What are Microservices?

Microservices refers to an architectural approach that independent teams use to prioritize the continuous delivery of single-purpose services. The microservices model is the opposite of traditional monolithic software which consists of tightly integrated modules that ship infrequently and have to scale as a single unit. Although the monolithic approach works fine for some organizations and some applications, microservices is becoming popular with companies that need greater agility and scalability.

In businesses across industries—from telecommunications and retail to financial services and manufacturing—IT teams are choosing microservices to develop new applications and break down monoliths. A collection of small services where each service implements business capabilities, a microservice runs in its own process and communicates via an HTTP API. Every microservice can be deployed, upgraded, scaled, and restarted independent of other services in the application. When managed by an automated system, teams can frequently update live applications without negatively impacting users.

Why Microservices Matter

Teams can be more responsive to customer needs

Companies that adopt a microservices architecture can rapidly ship capabilities when customers need them—and not be stuck with fixed release schedules.

There’s greater software team throughput

Microservices build on the principles of Agile and DevOps, and help software teams run in parallel while iterating quickly on discrete capabilities.

Organizations improve system scalability and reliability

A successful microservices architecture just keeps going. It relies heavily on repeatable automation, supports fine-grained scaling of services, and uses patterns designed to keep the system running even when individual components fail.

Microservices at Pivotal

At Pivotal, we help you design a high-performing microservices architecture, and then provide a world-class environment to run your microservices.

Work with our Pivotal Labs team to initially target applications that require feature iterations and extreme scalability, and then learn how to build teams focused on delivery.

Deploy and manage microservices with Pivotal Cloud Foundry—our cloud-native platform that accelerates your time to value.

Empower your developers with patterns from Spring Cloud Services that overcome key challenges and operational overheads when building distributed systems with microservices

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