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Our products support a modern approach to software development that challenges tradition, optimizes for change, and drives transformation.
Although unveiled as a phrase by Pivotal in early 2016, the Circle of Code concept represents something you’ve known for a while: software has a lifecycle. But how do you experience that lifecycle? If you’re like most, you experience it as a series of clumsy handoffs between independent teams and applications. As a result, it’s harder to get software into the hands of your customers. We think that your ongoing software lifecycle should complement, not frustrate, your creative process, and we’re doing some pretty interesting things to make it simpler to see your ideas come to life.

From an idea in the
morning, to production
in the afternoon.
Organize and Plan

You have an idea. Now what? Whether this idea requires new software, or an upgrade to existing software, you want to quickly capture your inspiration. Pivotal Tracker is purpose-built to make it easy for you to convert an idea into a set of stories that you can prioritize, assign, and manage through completion. A single tool that both project managers and developers like to use? Just crazy enough to work.

Build and Integrate

All your thoughtful planning goes to waste if it’s too hard to realize your idea in code. Sometimes it’s “too hard” because your idea requires changing brittle code that depends on onerous manual test cycles. Or, your idea is great, but the amount of code needed to support the idea is prohibitive. Enter Spring, Pivotal GemFire, and Concourse. Spring is the most popular framework for quickly building Java apps. Spring Boot helps teams immediately get going on business logic and skip all the repetitive setup work. Spring Cloud gives developers easy access to cutting-edge application patterns, including the ability to build microservices-based dynamic data pipelines, without requiring any upfront expertise. GemFire empowers apps with lightning fast access to distributed data so that they can build apps at cloud-scale. And by continually integrating and testing all this code automatically with Concourse, you’ll be confident that your idea is sound and your app is always production-ready.

Don’t forget that building great cloud-native software requires more than just technology; it requires new ways of thinking. Time and time again, Pivotal customers prove that our tried-and-tested agile methods help you deliver better software, faster. Look to Pivotal Labs for a true partner in your software transformation.

Deploy and Manage

The only code that adds value is code in production! Using tools such as Concourse, your idea is in the hands of real users the moment the code is complete. But where does this application run? Pivotal Cloud Foundry is the premier platform for running modern applications atop either public or private clouds. And it supports a number of popular data stores to operationalize analytics in code, including Pivotal GemFire, our in-memory data grid. Instead of wasting time configuring networks, load balancers, containers, compute instances, log management systems, and health.

Transform how you manage software by using Pivotal Cloud Foundry to run both new and existing applications. Depend on its robust lifecycle management automation to easily scale, patch, troubleshoot, and secure hundreds or thousands of applications that matter to you.

Analyze and Decide

All software is an experiment. We test our ideas in the real world and uncover whether we guessed right. This is a crucial component in the Circle of Code: gaining insight that fuels the next software lifecycle or business action. Review application performance with PCF Metrics and decide whether it’s time to scale your app up or down. Perform thoughtful analysis of application data in Pivotal Greenplum, our open-source MPP data warehouse. And look to Pivotal’s Data Science team to discover how to build predictive models that make your software and applications even smarter.

At Pivotal, we’re transforming how the world builds software. With the Circle of Code, our goal is to provide you an integrated suite of tools that will transform how you successfully iterate on software.