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Digital Transformation Solutions for Telecommunications, Media and Entertainment Companies

Drive efficiency and service quality across networks.
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Telecommunications, Media and Entertainment Companies Trust
Pivotal's Cloud-Native Platform, Data Suite Solutions and Pivotal Labs.

• Carriers and service providers

• Communications firms

• Cable and satellite companies

• Distribution companies

Use Cases
Multimedia streaming

Use data science to improve the quality of customer user experiences while reducing network error rates and churn. Easily update content-rich websites with scale requirements. Manage the dynamic nature of web properties using a cloud-native platform that governs the application lifecycle, accelerating software development without compromising operations.

Predict behaviors and inventory systems

Rely on advanced analytics to create real-time maps of where customers are located. Use the data to help evaluate and predict the transit of individuals. Analyze the use of public services, buildings and attractions to better guide financial, security, or expansion decisions. Identify how production decisions impact ratings and which have the most influential effect.

Target marketing

Enhance user experiences by improving your team’s development processes with paired programming and agile software development. Use a cloud-native platform to deliver more targeted mobile advertisements based on location, generating new revenue streams.

Learn how Pivotal Cloud Foundry
transformed IT at Comcast.
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is keeping up with the pace of innovation.
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its digital transformation.
Empowering decision makers
with greater access to data.
“The senior leadership and stakeholders at Sundance all agreed that we needed to create the right digital infrastructure, and a partner like Pivotal could help us get there over the long-term.“
Jessica Kantor
Associate Marketing Director, Sundance Institute

Benefits to Your Enterprise

Personalize experiences

Improve the user experience in real-time using a reliable application platform that scales as needed. Gain insights from advanced analytics that uncover social trends and recommendations so you can further personalize interactions.

Monetize new services

Gain the freedom to create products without the hindrance of infrastructure and bloated development processes. Discover new agile development processes that help you adapt faster to changing business requirements and financial regulations.

Control costs and improve service quality

Improve network services in congested areas more quickly. Avoid needless, costly repair work. Focus on applications instead of infrastructure as you move to the cloud.