Digital Transformation Solutions for Manufacturing Companies

Optimize supply chains, meet regulations and innovate.
See how GE Software and Pivotal are advancing the industrial Internet together.
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Manufacturers Trust Pivotal's Cloud-Native Platform,
Data Solutions and Pivotal Labs.

• Automotive companies

• Airlines and logistics companies

• Building materials companies

• Electronics and robotics companies

• Furniture manufacturers

• Laboratory equipment makers

Use Cases
The Industrial Internet / Internet of
Things (IoT)

Use analytics and a robust cloud-native platform to turn data from tens, hundreds, and thousands of sensors into actionable insights that provide measurable cost savings (e.g., in the airline industry, with Predix, savings of 10x.) Reduce analysis time from weeks to days or minutes. On the manufacturing floor, use data analytics to increase operational efficiency and drive time-to-market improvements. Learn more about how GE is using Pivotal Cloud Foundry for the Industrial Internet

Automotive Connected Car

Use advanced analytics to enable connected cars. Use sensors and real-time analytics to notify mechanics about defects and required maintenance. Predict a driver’s destination, compute gas consumption or electric vehicle range, and even route someone to the nearest gas or charging station using predictive analytics. Build mobile apps for drivers and dealers using agile software development. By adding data sources through additional sensors, improve mileage and maintenance and help consumers get a better deal on car insurance.


Hone robotics and advanced engineering skills with new agile software development approaches. Embrace paired programming to conduct A-B testing in a neutral environment.

“Pivotal is creating a platform that brings the best of the Internet - rapid application development, data analytics and cloud architecture - to enterprises. This is aligned with many of the things we are doing at GE to help accelerate our delivery of innovation and to bring a productivity revolution that will have a positive impact on all of us.“
Bill Ruh
Vice President and Corporate Officer, GE Global Software Center

Benefits to Your Enterprise

Speed new product development

Improve supply chain efficiency with real-time analytics. Make product decisions faster by analyzing manufacturing data collected in disparate systems.

Improve quality and control

Provide greater quality control and performance management. Keep manufacturing systems infrastructure competitive by delivering an agile environment for rapid application development and elastic runtime capability.

Manage costs

Create greater visibility throughout the manufacturing plant—locally and globally—by sharing data quickly and effectively between facilities. Lower the cost of software using one robust, open cloud-native platform instead of many siloed systems.