The future of healthcare is built on Pivotal

Personalized care is moving beyond hospital walls. Pivotal equips healthcare organizations to boost the quality of care by maximizing IT speed, agility, and efficiency. Providers securely evolve legacy software and processes to meet the new digital delivery demands of patients and physicians while staying compliant. Healthcare is more efficient and available with Pivotal.

Who we work with

Hospitals/health systems and providers

Healthcare product manufacturers and distributors

Healthcare payers

“Healthcare organizations must prioritize patient experience, accelerate digital transformation, harness data, and evolve business models strategically to stay relevant over the next decade in the face of increasing competition and evolving patient expectations.”

Forrester Healthcare Predictions 2019

“I’m taking months and I’m turning them into weeks. I’m taking weeks and I’m turning them into days. And I’m taking days and turning them into hours and sometimes even minutes.”

Mark Ardito, Senior Director for Portfolio Delivery, Health Care Service Corporation


Pivotal serves patient and provider needs

Connected care

Build personalized services that are available everywhere.

Put consumers at the center of their care.

Drive improved patient outcomes and lower costs.

New business models

Learn new application development methodologies that speed the delivery of care experiences

Operational excellence

Turn data into a core business asset for actionable clinical and healthcare operations intelligence.

Remove silos and keep data safe.

Comprehensive compliance

Make data sharing easier while quickly addressing emerging threats and complying with regulations from HIPAA to GDPR.

Fraud detection

Identify claims fraud.

Optimize claim dollar efficiency for operational excellence that results in substantial savings.

White Paper

The Age of Data-Driven Medicine

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Pivotal keeps healthcare companies competitive

Pivotal knows data privacy and compliance concerns keep healthcare executives up at night. Mandates to adopt electronic health records (EHR) and moves to digitize patient services mean healthcare organizations have access to unprecedented amounts of clinical and operational data. Pivotal Platform uses isolation, encryption, policy-based automation, and more to help keep data and applications safe while simultaneously supporting analytics discovery with Pivotal Data Services to compete and survive.

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