Digital Transformation Solutions for Healthcare

Improve patient outcomes.
Humana relies on Pivotal to sharpen its focus on technology and product development.
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Healthcare Organizations Trust Pivotal's
Cloud-Native Platform, Data Solutions and Pivotal Labs.

• Hospital/health systems and providers

• Healthcare products manufacturers and distributors

• Surgery centers

• Electronic health records providers

• Medical equipment companies

• Healthcare payers

Use Cases
Internet of Humans (IoH) / Internet
of Things (IoT)

Manage chronic disease care, reduce the cost and increase the reach of healthcare by combining data science, mobile applications, and modern software development. Extend IoH by deploying a spectrum of capabilities from general sensors to sophisticated sensors and consumer to clinical applications. Then analyze all of the data collected in real time.

Point of Care / Mobility

Take a mobile-first approach to care scenarios. Learn agile software development disciplines to center mobile development on what is most critical first. Break down barriers with paired programming. Use home-health monitoring data to analyze treatment efficacy, as well as patient and provider scorecards for trends. Provide additional quality assurance as you deliver next-generation caregiver and patient applications.

Regulatory compliance

Overcome challenges related to revising compliance and governance infrastructure to meet regulatory standards in a timely manner. Automate manual processes on a modern, cloud-native platform.

"The impact of the partnership with Pivotal is far greater than just shortening the application development life cycle."
Antonio Melo
Practice Director of the DEC, Humana

Benefits to Your Enterprise

Improve patient outcomes

Use big data and data science in new ways to inform patient interactions. Help save lives with a cloud-native software platform that helps you accelerate software development and analyze information faster, in real time.

Drive efficiencies

Collaborate with agile software development experts on healthcare transformation strategies. Iterate on effective designs to quickly launch health portals and services. Build cloud-native apps. Scale infrastructure on demand and adapt to changing industry regulations with a modern IT platform that doesn't compromise operations.

Manage risk, compliance and cost

Identify claims fraud and optimize claim dollar efficiency with data science. Streamline application development, deployment and operations, and lower TCO. Prevent technology lock in with an open-cloud computing platform that provides full visibility and control over the application lifecycle. Design and re-architect compliance workflows to provide greater advantage with an innovative, agile approach to software development.