Delighting users

Our platform and methodology are optimized for modern software development. With Pivotal, you can rapidly build, deploy, and iterate on your code. Our goal: to help you delight customers with extraordinary user experiences. We help you reduce time-to-value and maximize feature velocity. The faster you ship software to your customers, the faster you learn what matters to them.

Modern Software Design
Investment in Pivotal’s agile and lean approaches to digital transformation keeps these industry leaders operating at start-up speeds, reducing time to market.
“If we want to transform how the world builds software, we have to include everyone.”

Justin Erenkrantz
Web Infrastructure Architect at Bloomberg

“We're constantly working to change and transform our experience, and add new features and services to the Comcast customer experience. We have a great bunch of vibrant developers who are constantly working to improve that experience. They, along with Pivotal Cloud Foundry, are at the heart of the Comcast customer experience transformation.”

Neville George
Principal Engineer at Comcast

“[B]eing a platform operator of Pivotal Cloud Foundry... I personally think it's one of the most important jobs you can have at your company if you're interested in making and enabling change.”

Anthony McCulley
Manager for the Applications Platform team at The Home Depot

“Lean has literally saved us 1000's of development hours.
If the IRS can do it, so can you.”

Andrea Schneider

"The impact of the partnership with Pivotal is far greater than just shortening the application development life cycle."

Antonio Melo
Practice Director of the Humana DEC

App Modernization
By building better software, faster, with Pivotal, these enterprises are transitioning on-premises core enterprise applications to cloud-native apps that achieve ambitious business goals–disrupting and winning new marketplaces.
“Pivotal Cloud Foundry was our great opportunity to modernize.”

Alex Curtis
Internet Applications Administrator at Garmin International

“We want to give every developer and every business unit the same capability to develop and deploy software quickly so businesses can, in a very aggressive and agile way, collaboratively create value propositions for our customers and bring apps to life.”

Jaroslav Bláha
Global CIO/CTO at Solera Holdings, Inc.

“We are creating completely new products for our customers, and are therefore turning Volkswagen from a car manufacturer into a mobility provider.”

Dr. Martin Hofmann
CIO at Volkswagen Group

These leading enterprises are working with Pivotal to maintain high-performance systems under increasing workload pressures, improving end-user satisfaction while reducing risk.
“With Pivotal we have minimized our innovation cycles and can now respond to changing market demands faster than ever before, both of which allowed us to develop a profound software culture in our transformational journey into a digital company.”

Christoph Hartung
Head of Connected Cars at Mercedes-Benz

“Cloud Foundry sits at the core of our platform as a service. The platform provides all the pieces the developers need in order to create operable software with low friction.”

Matt Curry
Director of Cloud Engineering at Allstate

“Like many traditional industries, the banking sector is being disrupted by agile start-ups and fintech companies that are delivering a differentiated experience to customers. To compete effectively against these new entrants, we must have the ability to be responsive to customers. Pivotal Cloud Foundry gives us the software platform to think and act like a technology company and innovate at start-up speeds.”

Dave Gledhill
Head of Group Technology Operations at DBS Bank

Instead of guessing, these admired brands trust Pivotal to help them capture the real-time data they need to continuously improve products and services.
“This wasn't just a technology shift for NBC, it was also a product shift.”

Amar Sharma
Director of Engineering at NBC Universal

"The analysis of data in real-time or near real-time is important. And the infrastructure that does this, the analysis, the storage, the presentation and discovery tools—Pivotal offers all of this. They understand the nuances of our market, the tools that are appropriate and the kind of data the market produces. We consider Pivotal a very good partner in this quest."

Gerry McCartney
Chief Information Officer and Associate Professor of Information Technology at Purdue University

"Whatever use case we can dream up and whatever ways we can think of to better understand the user, Greenplum allows us to do it."

John Conley
Vice President of Data Warehousing, Conversant