The Future of Banking is Built on Pivotal

FinTech has forever changed banking. Pivotal is a trusted partner to banks modernizing digital foundations for competitive edge, speeding service delivery in branches of the future, optimizing payment processing models, and deepening customer engagement without compromising on cybersecurity. With Pivotal, institutions deliver the software that powers digital banking innovation.

Who we work with

Retail and commercial banks


Asset management

“If we want to transform how the world builds software, we have to include everyone.”

Justin Erenkrantz, Web Infrastructure Architect, Bloomberg


Pivotal Serves the Innovation Needs of Banks

Engaging digital channels

Develop services boosting mobile banking success.

Optimize for omni-channel, self-service.

Speed trading and transactions.

Improve customer acquisition with personalized sales and marketing.

Real-time payments

Build frictionless peer-to-peer models.

Deliver software supporting cashless and microtransactions.

Enable mobile wallets for more efficient use of resources.

Comprehensive branch transformation

Deploy apps transforming transactional tellers into relationship builders.

Modernize client experiences and sales with digital kiosks.

Empower wealth advisors and bank staff with seamless mobility, then iterate quickly to stay ahead of trends.

Built-in security and streamlined compliance

Rely on real-time analytics to stress-test risk.

Expose fraud by detecting anomalies.

Deploy securely and confidently on-premises and in the cloud.

Use automation to meet and exceed compliance levels across standards.

White Paper

Pivotal Greenplum: Life in a Vacuum by Howard Goldberg

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Pivotal Keeps FinTech Companies Competitive

Pivotal understands financial services and the opportunities digital disruption affords customers, fintechs, and traditional banks. We’ve created a robust financial services marketplace where innovators can access software platform add-on services to enhance customer experiences, secure data and apps, and manage information more efficiently. From APIs to differentiation at scale, Pivotal is committed to a collaborative ecosystem that benefits all.

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