Financial Services

Digital Transformation Solutions for Financial Services

Drive innovation and growth.
CoreLogic transforms to a cloud-native enterprise with Pivotal.
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Financial Services Organizations Trust Pivotal's
Cloud-Native Platform, Data Solutions and Pivotal Labs.

• Community, retail, and online banks

• Capital markets and investment banks

• Insurers

• Mortgage and brokerage firms

• Asset management firms

• Real estate companies

Use Cases
Mobile banking

Extend payment solutions and interactivity to mobile to improve customer experiences and employee workflows. Keep financial system infrastructure competitive by delivering an agile environment for rapid, cloud-native application development. Enable digital connectivity with user-centric design.

Trading and

Gain greater visibility into market risk. Enable same-day trade processing and transaction data ingestion with advanced analytics. Govern the lifecycle of trading applications with a cloud-native platform that accelerates software development without compromising operations.

Compliance and
Process Automation

Revise compliance and governance infrastructure faster to meet regulatory standards. Re-architect compliance workflows and provide greater advantage with an innovative, agile, and real-time computational platform. Automate and digitize repetitive, low-value processes. Enable straight-through processing to boost productivity.

Personalized sales
and marketing

Enhance user experiences by improving your team’s development processes with paired programming and agile software development. Use a cloud-native platform to deliver more targeted mobile advertisements based on location, generating new revenue streams.

Risk, fraud, and security management

Rely on advanced analytics to enable credit risk stress testing, conduct market risk and exposure analysis, as well as aggregate risk position reporting across departments and timezones. Detect anomalies faster with real-time data analysis.

“As we move into this fast-changing era, speed of IT becomes very important to support business innovation. CITIC Securities executive team knew we needed an agile platform that was portable and cloud scale. After evaluating several solutions, we selected Pivotal because their enterprise-grade Cloud Foundry software is self-healing, open, and automated. And we are already seeing the benefits.“
Jun Li
Executive Director of Information Center, CITIC Securities

Benefits to Your Enterprise

Manage credit and market risk, compliance and cost

Quickly analyze real-time data to aggregate risk position views and ensure early fraud detection. Lower TCO with a cloud-native software platform that prevents vendor lock in. Deploy on an open cloud computing platform that provides full visibility and control over the application lifecycle.

Meet increasing customer and
workforce expectations

Use advanced analytics to gain deeper insights into customer behavior. Improve retention and reduce churn with faster data analysis. Scale processing power in the cloud to support data-driven financial applications at scale. Streamline application development, deployment, and operations on a single open cloud platform.

Quickly create
differentiation at scale

Gain the freedom to create products without the hindrance of infrastructure and bloated development processes. Discover new agile development processes that help you adapt faster to changing business requirements and financial regulations. Scale resources quickly and focus on applications and mobile experiences instead of hardware as you move to the cloud.