더 정확하고 빠른 정보 분석을 바탕으로 전략적 의사 결정 능력 향상

"With Pivotal Greenplum, the speed at which we now can gain access to information is incomparable to anything I have known before."

José Manuel Vera, CIO, Companhia de Seguros Tranquilidade
사례 연구
당면 과제
  • Complex legacy data architecture
  • Slow reporting process
  • Limited access to data
  • Ineffective analytics
  • Pivotal Greenplum
주요 이점
  • Easier access to information
  • Faster queries – reduced from two days to less than one hour
  • Increased reporting – from monthly to daily
  • Able to leverage big data for better decision making
  • Reduced costs