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Enterprise adoption of cloud computing has caused a shift in application architecture. New software patterns, collectively called cloud-native, now deliver unprecedented application resilience and flexibility. To enjoy these benefits, you need a new type of application runtime—one that supports continuous delivery and horizontal scalability.

Why do companies run Java, .NET, and Node.js apps on Application Service?

Deploy new code thousands of times per month

Ensure an idea in the morning ends up in production that afternoon. Application Service enables rapid time-to-value for your custom code by managing everything else for you.

Reliably run all your apps at cloud scale

Efficiently manage Day 2 operations for high-velocity dev teams. Application Service uses Cloud Foundry BOSH to help you deliver enterprise SLAs as your business grows.

Secure by default
Make the secure thing the easy thing

Improve your security posture across your application portfolio. Application Service is highly automated, dramatically lowering risks posed by manual processes.

Built for high-velocity dev teams

Focus on your code and let Application Service do the rest. When you deploy new code with a simple cf push, it goes right into production. Dependency management, load balancing, container orchestration, logging, and auditing are done for you!

Best runtime for Spring and Spring Boot
Spring’s microservice patterns—and Spring Boot’s executable jars—are ready-made for Application Service.

Turnkey microservices operations and security
Spring Cloud Services brings microservices best practices to Application Service. It includes Config Server, Service Registry, and Circuit Breaker Dashboard.

A native Windows and .NET experience
Run new apps built with .NET Core. Run your legacy .NET Framework apps on Application Service, too, using the .NET Hosted Web Core buildpack. Push applications to containers running on Windows Server 2016.

Steeltoe integration
Use Steeltoe to run .NET microservices on Application Service. Steeltoe helps .NET client apps integrate with Spring Cloud Services for resilient, scalable microservices.

Pivotal App Metrics monitoring
Pivotal App Metrics is monitoring reimagined for microservices. Intuitive, time-based displays of events, logs, metrics, and distributed tracing show the full picture of system behavior.

Easily extend your apps with Pivotal Marketplace
Browse dozens of industry-leading application and data services. Easily add them to your code with service brokers.

Volume services for legacy apps
Run stateful apps in a modern application runtime using the Volume Services NFS v3 service broker.

Support for multiple routing protocols
Run applications that use HTTP/s and TCP routes.

Buildpacks to simplify deployment
Buildpacks provide framework and runtime dependencies for your apps. Write your code, then cf push. Application Service provides everything it needs to operate.

Automated horizontal scaling
App Autoscaler automates horizontal scaling. Add more capacity to your applications when traffic spikes. Scale down as traffic returns to normal. Set thresholds and triggers.

Fully integrated with continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) tools
Automate your software build, test, and delivery pipelines with Application Service and CI/CD products such as Concourse. Treat every commit as a delivery!

Deliver enterprise SLAs and breakthrough operational efficiency

Automate operational tasks to increase stability and availability. Application Service helps your ops team keep applications online serving customers.

Manage services, not servers
Embrace immutable infrastructure and boost availability for your apps. Deliver superior uptime with four layers of HA and zero-downtime deployments.

Maintain control
Control what’s running on Application Service with versioned buildpacks that contain dependencies for different frameworks—Java, .NET, Ruby, php, Node.js, and more.

Pivotal App Metrics for troubleshooting
Pivotal App Metrics logs and displays application telemetry to help your engineers troubleshoot microservices architectures. Agentless install and zero-configuration setup.

Automated logging and metrics
Loggregator collects all logs and metrics from your applications and the platform.

Supports HTTP/S and TCP routing
Run web apps and other workloads on Application Service, with support for both protocols.

Set and enforce permissions
Configure enterprise role-based access controls to segment permissions across your organization. Ensure developers and operators have the right levels of access.

Integrates with VMware NSX to simplify enforcement of corporate network policies
Use Application Service with NSX to create a common operational model for cloud-native and traditional apps. This helps operations teams implement InfoSec policies across the entire organization.

Defend against modern security threats

Reduce risk. Application Service includes cloud-native security capabilities to mitigate risks posed by malware, advanced persistent threats, and leaked credentials.

Containers in Application Service run secure by default
AppArmor, Seccomp, and unprivileged container access are enabled out of the box.

Single sign-on (SSO) service simplifies identity management
Application Service includes an SSO service. It uses the OAuth2 protocol and integrates with popular identity management systems via LDAP.

Application isolation boosts compliance
Isolation segments direct a set of applications to a specific set of host virtual machines (VMs). This isolates the apps and their data from other workloads, meeting key compliance criteria.

TLS improves security for your enterprise applications
SSL/TLS certificates secure HTTP traffic into your deployment. To secure non-HTTP traffic, terminate TLS at your load balancer or at the application with TCP Routing.

“Deny by default” networking with VMware NSX
Integration with NSX simplifies network microsegment for your cloud-native apps. This helps you protect against advanced persistent threats and coordinated attacks.

Use Cases
App modernization and legacy app migration

Evolve important business apps interacting with middleware stacks that are 10 – 15 years old. Eliminate inflexible app servers and stacks that don’t support automation. Take a pragmatic approach to transforming legacy apps: use a modern cloud-native architecture and modern DevOps approach to refactor and replatform. Better align crucial applications to rapidly changing requirements.

Learn about replatforming


Adopt a microservices architecture and boost velocity. Encourage rapid iteration and small changes to discrete components of a system. Deploy microservices via continuous delivery and give developers a frictionless path to production. Deploy small changes frequently and see big benefits over time. Run apps on a runtime that makes it easy to do the right thing and further your DevOps culture.

Learn about microservices

Data security, compliance, and process automation

Use cloud-native security principles to automate compliance tasks. Build automated systems that log every activity. Use an operational toolchain that can rapidly patch and update components as new bits become available. Embrace immutable infrastructure.

Learn about cloud-native security

Modern software design

Embrace Pivotal’s agile and lean approaches to digital transformation. Build new cloud-native apps featuring an API-first design. Deliver features to users across many devices. Operate at start-up speeds, reducing time to market for new code.

Learn about cloud-native apps


Deploy on an application runtime proven to handle high volumes of API calls. Deliver superior uptime for enterprise apps and ensure a responsive end-user experience during peak demand. Boost user satisfaction while reducing risk.

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The Industrial Internet/IoT

Use analytics and an application runtime to turn data from thousands of sensors into actionable insights that reduce cost and improve product quality. Accelerate time-to-insight, from weeks to minutes.

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Pivotal Application Service Architecture

Focus your teams on the activities that drive business value. Let Application Service handle infrastructure, OS patching, and container orchestration. Use the product’s built-in tools for scaling, metrics, microservice patterns, and modern stream processing. Focus on creating great custom apps!

Insert Dynamic Route Services and API Management into the request path for your application. These services help devs consistently deliver more secure, robust applications.
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Your microservices runs here, atop the platform. Learn more about the many types of apps that can run on Pivotal Platform.
Cloud-Native | Microservices | Replatforming

Spring Boot takes an opinionated view of building production-ready Spring apps. Spring Boot favors convention over configuration and is designed to get you up and running quickly.
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Steeltoe brings common microservices patterns to .NET developers. It helps .NET client apps integrate with Spring Cloud Services.
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Spring Cloud Services (SCS) for Pivotal Platform includes components of Spring Cloud projects, like Spring Cloud Netflix and Spring Cloud Config. Use SCS build cloud-native Java apps and microservices.
Learn more

Spring Cloud Data Flow (SCDF) provides a unified service for creating composable data microservices that address streaming and ETL-based data processing patterns.
Learn more

Pivotal Cloud Cache (PCC) offers an in-memory key-value store. The product delivers low-latency responses to a large number of concurrent data access requests.
Learn more

Pivotal RabbitMQ for Pivotal Platform is an efficient, highly scalable, and easy-to-deploy queuing system that makes handling message traffic virtually effortless.
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MySQL for Pivotal Platform deploys and maintains a single or three-node database cluster running a recent release of MariaDB with SQL proxies for super-fast failover.
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Application dependency management and framework configuration simplified.
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Pivotal Platform uses a scalable container orchestration engine. Pivotal Platform supports Docker images, and runC. Default security features include AppArmour, Secomp, and unprivileged access.
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The App Autoscaler automatically adjusts capacity to your apps. The service adds and subtracts instances according to custom triggers based on CPU Usage, HTTP Latency, and HTTP Throughput.
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Pivotal App Metrics stores telemetry data for your apps (logs, metrics, and events). The module renders this information visually, along an interactive timeline. Consequently, it’s easier to understand sources of latency and system failure.
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Push apps to compute instances powered by .NET and Windows.
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Implement compute and network isolation for your apps, and meet compliance rules.
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Extend modern apps using the Service Broker API. The Service Broker is a structured way to interact with third-party services and internal systems.
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Pivotal Platform includes a hardened operating system with the platform, packaged as a “stemcell.” Stemcells, along with Cloud Foundry BOSH, simplify the OS lifecycle.
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CredHub centralizes and secures credential generation, storage, lifecycle management, and access. CredHub can mitigate the risk of leaked credentials, a common culprit in data breaches.
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Cloud Foundry BOSH automates the underlying cloud infrastructure of your Pivotal Platform deployment. It features a Cloud Provider Interface that interacts with the compute, storage, and networking APIs of your chosen cloud.
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Run modern apps with Pivotal Platform on AWS. Extend them with native AWS storage and data services.
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Build and run microservices-based applications with Pivotal Platform on Microsoft Azure. Deploy Pivotal Platform in any Azure region. Extend your apps with services like Azure Service Bus and Azure Event Hubs.
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Run cloud-native apps on the same infrastructure that powers Google Search, Google Maps, and YouTube. Consume Google’s storage, database, and machine learning services through the Google service broker.
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Run Pivotal Platform on your preferred OpenStack distribution.
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Developer-ready infrastructure in your data center. Give engineers self-service tools to build cloud-native apps with Pivotal Platform atop VMware’s virtualization suite.
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