Speed up your move to Azure with Pivotal

Maybe you’re going all in on Azure. Or perhaps it’s simply a part of your cloud strategy. Whatever your approach, partnering with Pivotal will optimize the way your company builds and runs custom software. Our modern cloud platform and strategic services help enterprises quickly embrace Azure—and improve overall business outcomes.

“We need to iterate our way to great products, to get solutions into customers’ hands quickly, see what they like, make changes, and keep improving—the fail-fast concept. With Azure and [Pivotal Platform], we can do that.”

Thomas Fredell, Chief Product Officer, Merrill Corporation

Accelerate your path to Azure

Moving to public cloud is easier said than done, particularly for the existing applications that run your business. Are your apps able to take advantage of cloud elasticity? Are you modernizing them in a way that improves feature velocity?

It’s a challenge for the operations side too. Do you want to invest the time and resources to integrate and maintain dozens of Azure services, each with their own interface and configuration standards? Most enterprises want their best engineers building great software—not stitching components together.

Instead of a long roadmap to Azure where your business may not realize any strategic benefit for years, work with Pivotal. We’ll help you achieve better outcomes on Azure in weeks.

Go faster with Pivotal Platform on Azure.

Pivotal Platform simplifies operations and improves developer productivity. The Azure Service Broker for Pivotal Platform makes it easy to natively consume Microsoft’s most popular Azure data services.

Modernize legacy apps.

The Pivotal Labs App Modernization team accelerates your adoption of Azure. Quickly rebuild your Java and .NET apps to cloud-native patterns to take advantage of Azure's elastic infrastructure. Break down those monoliths, and move to microservices!

Build new cloud-native apps faster.

Make modern software development a core competency. Engage with Pivotal Labs. Our world-class team of developers, product managers, and designers will teach you to build and deploy software differently—and more sustainably—than you have before.

Modernizing .NET Applications
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Run Spring Boot apps atop Kubernetes
Azure Spring Cloud

“With our old way of doing things, this would take a couple weeks, at least. Now [with Pivotal Platform on Azure], they scope their product and Day 1 they can start coding.”

Stéphane El Mabrouk, Head of Operations, Thales Digital Factory

Reduce your Azure costs

Optimize your use of Azure infrastructure.

Stop overdeploying and save money. Upgrade from an inefficient, VM-centric model to the single, high-density Pivotal Platform.

Boost efficiency with standardized Day 2 operations.

Automate scaling, logging, availability, and updates for all your apps with a single control plane and integration with Azure’s Operations Management Suite.

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Running Pivotal Platform Efficiently on Microsoft Azure
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Run more securely on Azure

Use a single, multi-tenant platform with a single configuration surface.

Pivotal Platform is integrated and purpose-built. That means fewer attack surfaces, and fewer chances for misconfiguration. And all platform activity is tracked in a single audit trail.

Improve your security posture portfolio-wide.

Pivotal Platform is highly automated and continuously rotates credentials. And it allows for rapid patching of CVEs with zero downtime.

Reduce instance sprawl and credential sharing.

The Azure Service Broker for Pivotal Platform ensures that your developers provision, access, and share services in an automated way. That’s the best way to keep credentials and other secrets secure.

“Security, consistent operations, and automation features are the platform features respondents are most likely to need from a hybrid cloud platform.”

Forrester Consulting, Hybrid Cloud Demands Consistency

Simplify your move to multi-cloud with Pivotal Platform on Azure

Many companies are embracing multi-cloud strategies for flexibility and resiliency. The question is: How do you minimize your risk and operational burden? That's why companies choose Pivotal Platform. It runs the same on all clouds—public and private—using a common set of interfaces that don’t require infrastructure-specific training.

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Application Modernization with Cloud Flexibility

Use Azure’s data services with apps on Pivotal Platform

Seamlessly consume Azure‑managed services.

Developers can bring Azure services to their apps with the Azure Service Broker for Pivotal Platform. The broker exposes many popular Azure services, with more being added based on demand.

Azure Service Broker for Pivotal Platform currently supports these Azure services:

Azure Storage

Azure Redis Cache

Azure CosmosDB

Azure Service Bus

Azure Event Hubs

Azure SQL Database

Azure SQL Database Failover Group

Azure Database for MySQL

Azure Database for PostgreSQL

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