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For your enterprise to succeed, you need to deliver innovative products more rapidly and provide the value customers expect. To do that, you need a cutting-edge platform along with the technical expertise to run it. That’s where we come in.

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$2 million saved over four years

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Perfect the art of running a modern platform on your own

We pair alongside your team to show you how to build, run, operate, and scale Pivotal Platform.

Treat the platform as a product.

Your platform isn’t an off-the-shelf piece of software; it should respond to the needs of your developers. By treating the platform as a product, the product is never “done,” allowing it to evolve to meet changing business needs.

Create a dedicated Platform Team.

Empower a small team to build and run Pivotal Platform. With a PM and at least two engineers, the Platform Team has the authority to change both the production process and the platform itself—and can scale future DevOps initiatives.

Define a new path to production.

Focus on velocity first. Once stakeholders identify the initial set of applications that go onto the platform, you can gradually make progress towards apps with a larger set of requirements.

Pivotal Platform Solutions: Why You Should Treat Platform as a Product

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Our services

Your customers demand a seamless experience, and we can help you provide it. Shorten your product development life cycle and deliver high-quality software that solves real problems—and learn to do it consistently, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Platform Dojo

Our experts pair with your people to establish and enable your dedicated Platform Team. Pairing maximizes on-the-job skills enablement, leading to a self-sufficient team that can customize, use, and scale the platform to meet your needs.

Platform Health Check

We’ll perform a 360-degree assessment of your platform health, ensuring that the dedicated people in your Platform Team and the Pivotal Platform technology can provide mission-critical services to your customers.

Platform Rapid Deploy

Start off your platform journey by staying up to date. Platform Rapid Deploy is ideal for situations where you need tactical help with installations, patching, updates, and feature delivery to your platform users.

Platform Reliability Engineering (PRE)

Users expect reliability in a platform product. We help sustain the culture, practices, and tooling established during the Platform Dojo engagement. We’ll use service-level objectives (SLOs) and their resulting error budget to deliver features and availability for developers and control groups on the path to production.

“The team used to take seven months and 72 steps to release new code. Now they’re fixing bugs same-day with zero downtime. The Platform Dojo provided a place to practice shared responsibility, which made it real.”

Melissa Chapman, T-Mobile

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