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Pivotal GemFire

In-Memory Data Grid powered by Apache Geode

Scale your data services on demand to support high-performance, real-time apps

Scale Across Data Centers and Ensure Consistency

Maintain transaction integrity across distributed nodes. Support high-concurrency, low latency data operations in your application. Node failover and WAN-replication ensure resiliency of your application, even in the cloud.

Serve Real-Time Data to Millions

Create a new class of applications that operate in real-time, thanks to distributed in-memory technology. Scale your applications elastically to serve expected or viral peaks in demand.

An Event-Driven Architecture, Ideal for Microservices

As the number of microservices increases, deliver data change notifications directly to the apps that subscribe to it.

Scaling Data Services with Pivotal GemFire

In-memory data grids (IMDG) such as Pivotal GemFire, which is powered by Apache Geode, are key to making today's modern high-speed, data-intensive applications work.

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Predictable Low Latency

Even during huge peaks in concurrent access, your users can count on predictable low latency because of the in-memory, horizontally scalable architecture of GemFire.

Elastic Scale-Out

Easily scale out horizontally to meet the most demanding peaks in usage. Scale back down again gracefully when the peaks are behind you. Keep your steady state runtime costs down.

Real-Time Event Notifications

Your applications can subscribe to real-time events to react to changes immediately. GemFire’s continuous queries notify your application when new data is available, which reduces the overhead on your SQL database.

High Availability and Business Continuity

No more downtime from node failures, datacenter-wide outages, or software upgrades. GemFire nodes automatically fail-over in the event of a node-level outage, while its highly efficient WAN replication protocol enables multi-datacenter deployment for business continuity.


Eliminate data loss with GemFire’s in-memory data replication and a shared-nothing persistence architecture, providing unmatched data resiliency.


Available as a service on Pivotal Platform, enable on-demand access to GemFire's high performance, highly available, event-driven data grid on the leading cloud-native application platform.

GemFire Deployment Topologies

GemFire is flexible and can be deployed in any of these configurations.

Use Cases

Highly Available, Distributed Caching

Still waiting for that page to load? Every. Second. Counts. GemFire can serve as a caching layer, providing fast recall of frequently accessed data across multiple clouds or data centers. This allows for continuous data accessibility with very low-latency, supporting sophisticated caching solutions ranging from web session caching to mainframe offloading.

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Real-Time Transaction Processing at Scale

Online shopping. Connected devices. Securities trading. These types of transactional applications demand extremely high-performance data management to process thousands of parallel transactions. In these cases, an in-memory data grid that supports high data consistency is a must to provide real-time responses.

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Event Notification and Processing

Credit card fraud. Risk calculation. Industrial fleet tracking. GemFire’s powerful in-memory data grid can manage terabytes of data in-memory and push notifications to track and respond to mission critical processes in real-time. This fast, continuous querying capability allows systems to quickly and easily access large amounts of incoming data and take action.

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