Pivotal Build Service

Build containers from source code for Kubernetes

Pivotal Build Service automates container creation, management, and governance at enterprise scale.

Build, maintain, & update portable OCI images

Consistently create production-ready container images that run on Kubernetes and across clouds. Automate source-to-container workflows across all your development frameworks.

Boost security and reduce risk from CVEs

Build Service uses the magic of Cloud Native Buildpacks to rebase app images when specialized contractual base images are updated in a registry. This means you can resolve certain common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs) without needing a rebuild.

Kubernetes-native model

Build Service follows a Kubernetes-native declarative model and executes builds automatically against user-defined configuration. The product includes kpack, a set of open source resource controllers for Kubernetes that are maintained by Pivotal.


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Why Build Service

You have plenty of viable options for building containers from source code. Yet many of them require significant effort and ongoing maintenance to use them properly. And it can be hard to enforce security and operational rigor at scale. Build Service offers the convenience of these workflows with greater automation and the governance capabilities required by large enterprises.

Easy to use

With Build Service, you don’t need any advanced knowledge of container packaging formats, or know how to optimally construct a container creation script for a given programming language.

Supports popular container registries

Container registries are crucial to enterprise security. That’s why Build Service works with Harbor and Artifactory, as well as Docker Hub.

Operator-driven image promotion across environments

Users declare an image configuration that describes their app. When new build dependencies become available, or when the app dev team pushes new source code, Build Service delivers new images to your registry that reflect the updates.

Supports Java, .NET Core, and other frameworks

Use your preferred dev languages with Build Service. What’s more, you don’t have to think about dependencies, middleware, or runtime components—Build Service does it all for you.

Powered by open source

Cloud Native Buildpacks, a CNCF project, is at the heart of Build Service. Pivotal also open-sourced kpack, the collection of resource controllers that power Build Service.

Operator control over who can use what

Build Service includes a powerful, team-based permissions model. Platform operators can use teams to control the buildpack configurations that groups of developers are allowed to use.

Use the CLI or kubectl

Like using CLIs? Build Service includes pb, an easy-to-use wrapper to control teams and other features. Are you a K8s power user? Then use kubectl to interact with kpack.

Build in your local dev environment

Build locally with the pack CLI as part of Cloud Native Buildpacks. Troubleshoot the code-to-container process right from your laptop.

Use Cases

Simplifying incumbent code-to-container workflows

Many operations teams manually maintain “blessed” container base images for their app dev teams to use.

Adhering to strict compliance requirements

Compliance is hard to assess when containers are created by manual processes.

Rapid CVE mitigation

CVE are discovered regularly. Corporate systems and customer data is often at risk if patches aren’t quickly applied. Applying patches can be manual, and require extensive collaboration to fix.

Greater control over app dependencies

Ensure development teams use the latest, updated frameworks for their apps.

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