Continuously deliver any app to every cloud with a single platform.

You are moving faster toward a software-driven future. To differentiate your business, your teams are writing more software than ever. But tolerance for downtime is plummeting, and security has never been more important. Under this backdrop, how do you stay competitive and grow your digital business? The answer is Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

Pivotal Cloud Foundryは、ソフトウェア主導のデジタル変革を実現する企業に最適な、実績のあるソリューションです。その理由を見て行きましょう。

Developer Productivity

Accelerate feature delivery
Use PCF’s portfolio of modern runtimes to deliver features faster.

Operator Efficiency

Enjoy a 500:1 developer to operator ratio
Perform zero-downtime deployments. Run on any cloud.

Comprehensive Security

Reduce risk in your app portfolio
Protect systems from attackers using Pivotal’s 3 Rs of security: repair, repave, and rotate.

High Availability

Deliver enterprise SLAs at scale
Rely on built-in high availability to keep customer-facing systems online under even the most challenging circumstances.


Antonio Melo
Humana DEC,プラクティスディレクター 


Brad Miller


Christoph Hartung


Dave Ehringer
Liberty Mutual 保険、プラットフォームテクニカルディレクター

「変化を生み出したり誘発したりすることに関心があるなら、Pivotal Cloud Foundryのプラットフォームオペレータであるということは、会社の中で最も重要な仕事の1つなのではないかと、個人的に思います。」

Anthony McCulley
Home Depot アプリケーションプラットフォームマネージャ

「従来の3層Webアプリケーションスタックを使用したアプリケーションの導入と、Pivotal Cloud Foundryを使用したアプリケーションの導入を比較した場合、エンジニアリング上の生産性は、格段に後者の方が勝っています。」

Jeff Barrows

Developer Productivity
PCF empowers your teams to use their preferred toolchain and runtimes

Brokered Services
Brokered services introduce a variety of add-on capabilities with minimal operational overhead. This helps developers easily extend their applications to address complex requirements. Use brokered services to add messaging queues, relational databases, and machine learning to your apps running on the PCF platform.

Supports popular languages
PCF runs Java, .NET, Node.js, PHP, Python, and more. Use your preferred framework to push code.

PCF supports the OCI format for Docker images. Run platform-built and developer-built containers.

Operator Efficiency
Use the highly automated PCF platform to deliver at scale across your entire app portfolio

Supported by a single vendor.
Pivotal provides support, plus ongoing maintenance for the entire PCF platform: the operating system (OS), runtimes, development frameworks, and much more.

Continuously deploy custom code thousands of times per month with no manual effort.
The PCF platform continuously updates itself through Cloud Foundry BOSH—all with zero downtime.

Easily operate fleets of servers with a highly automated platform.
Operators can embrace immutable infrastructure with Cloud Foundry BOSH.

Run your applications where you want—in the public cloud or in your data center.
PCF is multi-cloud, making your applications portable across infrastructure targets.

Never patch an OS again.
PCF includes an embedded OS (both Linux and Windows). OS updates are rolled as part of the platform.

Comprehensive Security
Improve Your Security Posture with PCF’s Built-In Capabilities

Take a modern, highly automated approach to security.
PCF makes it easier for you to keep pace with the tidal wave of industry regulations and compliance standards.

Data encryption.
PCF encrypts data in transit with the IPsec Add-on. Use the native encryption features of your chosen target IaaS to secure data at rest.

Patch quickly with zero downtime.
Cloud Foundry BOSH, the platform’s deployment toolchain, allows you to “repair” vulnerable software as soon as updates are available. PCF’s rolling update capability means you can apply patches without downtime. Make updates during business hours with confidence!

Container networking enforces a "zero trust model" for your apps.
With PCF’s container-to-container networking capabilities, you get a network fabric that supports firewall rules at an app-level. Gain more security and control over your app-to-app traffic and adhere to corporate InfoSec guidelines.

Repave often and protect against advanced persistent threats.
Use PCF to regularly repave your environment from a known good state using Cloud Foundry BOSH.

Secure credential management with CredHub.
What’s CredHub? It’s a central point of control for credential generation, storage, lifecycle management, logging, and access control. Use CredHub and PCF to reduce the risk posed by leaked credentials.

PCF Keeps Your Enterprise Apps Stable and Scalable

Four layers of high availability.
PCF includes redundancy and resiliency across four layers of the stack: monitored processes, health management for app instances, health management for virtual machines (VMs), and availability zones. In case of failure in any of these layers, PCF recovers to keep serving traffic.

Multi-cloud resiliency patterns.
Use PCF to build and operate highly available deployments across clouds.

Pivotal Cloud Foundry: A Unified Platform to Run Your Entire Business

Pivotal Cloud Foundry is engineered to deliver a single software platform to run an entire enterprise—capable of scaling to support hundreds of IT teams and thousands of applications.

Pivotal Cloud Foundry Components

Learn about the core components of PCF, and how they help you build and run modern apps at scale.

PCF Ops Manager
A set of APIs and a graphical interface to manage the lifecycle of PCF components.

Versioned Operating System images wrapped with IaaS specific packaging.

VMware NSX for Shared Networking
Deploy PCF atop VMware NSX, and enforce “zero trust” networking policies across your app portfolio.

BOSH Backup and Restore
Command line tool for orchestrating the back up and restore of PCF and related services.

A central point of control for credential management in PCF.


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