Pivotal + VMware: Transforming how more of the world builds software

The future of insurance is built on Pivotal

Customers have protection choices. Pivotal accelerates insurers’ goals to modernize software to deliver more engaging digital services without raising costs. While protecting sensitive information, Pivotal speeds new ideas from conception to production for exceptional customer experience in good times and bad.

Who we work with

Home, property, vehicle, and life insurers

Business and professional insurers

“Accelerating our IT transformation and speed to market is critical to our success. Our partnerships with innovative suppliers like Pivotal are helping us navigate this journey.”

James McGlennon, Chief Information Officer, Liberty Mutual Insurance


Pivotal serves the modernization needs of insurers

Engaging digital services

Deliver on-demand, personalized services that proactively serve customers.

Automate after-event transactions and claims processing.

Global collaboration

Learn modern development methodologies and drive developer productivity with a software-driven approach.

Resource efficiency

Replace long-term planning with rapid-turn delivery that scales to cloud, making better use of capital and operating expenses.

Comprehensive compliance

Share data while streamlining compliance with regulations from PCI to GDPR.

Continuous innovation

Deploy and modernize IT faster to align applications with changing customer and employee needs.


From commit to production in 10 minutes at a century-old insurance company

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Pivotal keeps insurers competitive

Pivotal recognizes the disruptive role of the gig economy on traditional insurance products. In our work with large, global automotive insurers, for example, Pivotal Platform is exploring and delivering software to address current and future states of mobility—from autonomous vehicles to carsharing and ridesharing—to keep drivers, owners, passengers, and vehicles safe.

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