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Allstate ups its productivity with Pivotal.
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Insurance Companies Trust Pivotal’s
Innovative Solutions and Software Development Approach

• Home and property insurers

• Healthcare payers

• Dental insurers

• Life insurers

• Vehicle insurers

• Business and professional insurers

Scénarios d’utilisation
Automated transactions

Enable real-time claims and data processing with advanced analytics. Better assess risk and manage continuous application delivery without compromising operations with a cloud-native platform.

Personalized sales and marketing

Enhance customer engagement by improving team engineering processes with Agile software development. Generate new revenue streams using a cloud-native platform that delivers more targeted advertisements including mobile ads, faster and based on location.

Compliance and Process Automation

Address changing regulatory standards faster with an innovative, agile, and real-time computational platform. Re-architect compliance and governance workflows while automating and digitizing repetitive, low-value processes to drive competitive advantage.

Listen to the insurer’s director of cloud engineering describe the company’s journey into continuous integration, continuous deployment, and test-driven development.
Learn how Humana is enabling collaborative software development with Pivotal Cloud Foundry.
Hear how Liberty Mutual is developing the technology to keep up with evolving risk models.
“The growing variety of programming languages and frameworks supported by Pivotal Cloud Foundry offers developers at Allstate the choice they require. The platform takes care of the details of application container scheduling, cluster management, and scaling, greatly reducing the operational burden to reliably run Cloud-Native applications.“
Matt Curry
Director of Platform Engineering, Allstate Insurance

Avantages pour votre entreprise

Launch New Products and Scale Faster

Beat the competition by creating personalized products on cloud-native infrastructure using Agile development processes. Adapt faster to changing business requirements and regulations while mitigating risk. Scale resources quickly and focus on applications and mobile experiences not hardware.

Manage Risk, Compliance, and Cost

Analyze real-time data and aggregate risk position views quickly to help detect fraud early. Lower TCO with an open, cloud-native software platform that provides full visibility and control over the application lifecycle.

Meet Increasing Customer and Workforce Expectations

Predict customer behavior using advanced analytics to better understand retention and churn. Support data-driven applications at scale by putting processing power in the cloud. Standardize and simplify application development, deployment, and operations on an open platform.