For Automotive Companies

A Modern Approach, the Silicon Valley State of Mind, and Transformative Digital Solutions

Together, Pivotal and the automotive industry are driving better customer experiences.
Ford is working with Pivotal to deliver a new software platform supporting FordPass®.
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The world’s most recognized automotive brands are reaping the benefits of a cloud-native platform, embracing data analytics for constant innovation, and building better software with a modern, agile approach.

• Automotive manufacturers & tier one suppliers

• Dealers, dealer support services, and service providers

• Transportation and fleet management companies

• Automotive property and casualty, and roadside assistance firms

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Migrate Legacy Apps to the Modern World

Evolve decades worth of IT investment locked up in expensive, brittle, monolithic applications. Take a low-risk approach to increasing business agility and transforming a legacy application portfolio using a contemporary micro-service architecture and Spring to refactor and re-platform. Deploy the most powerful continuous innovation platform to modernize and better align apps to changing business needs. Embrace cloud-native technologies and practices to save time and money while improving resiliency.

Predictive Maintenance and Better Service

Leverage Pivotal’s cloud-native application platform, data portfolio, and data science practice for predictive analytics. Use sensor data and machine learning algorithms to anticipate a driver’s destination, compute gas consumption, and route a vehicle to the nearest service station. Improve mileage, predict maintenance visits, and even schedule a service appointment.

Consumer Mobile Apps

Enhance driving experiences for consumers by improving the way they use technology in their vehicles with Pivotal’s cloud-native application platform. Embrace agile software development practices to build mobile apps for drivers and dealers that improve experiences, productivity, operations, and planning (e.g., entertainment, remote car starts, etc.). Co-innovate connected vehicle applications for web, mobile, and wearable devices.

Safety and Insurance

Determine insurance ratings and rates based on actual driving performance. Use data analytics to anticipate actions and analyze information in real time—and over longer periods of time. Establish an agile approach to developing new applications to make the driving experience even safer.

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“As we grow to become both an automaker and a mobility company, having leading software development expertise will be critical to delivering at the speed consumers expect. This collaboration with Pivotal allows for quicker vehicle software updates and an even better user experience for Ford customers.“
Marcy Klevorn
Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Ford

Benefits to Your Enterprise

Zero to New Features in Less Time

Give consumers faster and simpler access to services. Release application code more frequently with higher quality. Build reliable, scalable applications with a cloud-native platform, overcoming traditional component-level failures.

More Eyes on Apps

Design, deploy, and regularly iterate on highly engaging, personalized web and mobile experiences. Create consumer-grade platforms that offer more compelling extended services in an ever-growing, connected world.

Jump-Start and Scale Apps

Automate the implementation of best practices around how to usefully deploy, update, and monitor applications at scale. From predictive maintenance to fleet management and demand forecasting to traffic optimization, accelerate skill development and jump-start the delivery of immediate business value with Pivotal’s data science team.