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Improve engagement and modernize operations.
Home Depot and Pivotal Cloud Foundry: A Tale of People, Process, and Technology.
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Retailers Trust Pivotal’s
Innovative Solutions and Software Development Approach

• Specialty stores

• E-Commerce and e-tailers

• Department and merchandise stores

• Warehouse stores

• Discount stores

• Supermarkets

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Personalized customer engagement

Engage better with customers through a continuous response feedback loop. Gain insights from data analytics and improve time to new feature delivery with Agile software development. Generate new revenue streams using a cloud-native platform that improves target marketing across traditional and mobile platforms.

Automated transactions and operations

Enable real-time transactions and data processing online and in stores with advanced analytics. Ensure and manage continuous application delivery without compromising operations with a cloud-native platform. Run IT operations with fewer people.

Inventory management and endless aisle

Improve shopping experiences through the Agile development of secure and simple line-busting applications that speed traditional check out processes. Scale with open computing solutions that support desktop and mobile applications that meet seasonal business requirements.

Enhanced data security and compliance

Ensure PCI with an innovative, agile, and real-time computational platform. Re-architect compliance and governance workflows while automating and digitizing repetitive, low-value processes to drive competitive advantage.

“[Pivotal Cloud Foundry] improved our ability to deliver quickly... In the old way of doing things, we configured everything through Chef. We built servers. We had this dodgy build system. It really could take weeks to get the feature into production. Now with this tool set that we have along with this CICD capability, that really has accelerated that. We could push something in 5 minutes... It's been a dramatic improvement for us.“
Philip Glebow
Director of Architecture, The Gap

Benefits to Your Enterprise

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Predict customer behavior and innovate faster to meet their needs with advanced analytics that deliver real-time feedback. Support data-driven applications and effectively make seasonal scaling adjustments by delivering on an open platform that puts processing power in the cloud.

Higher Revenue Per Associate

Put the right information at the right time into the hands of employees selling products with data and analytics solutions that make use of all application-generated data. Ensure fast response times—and a focus on applications and mobile experiences over hardware—with a cloud-native platform.

Faster Time to Market

Adapting faster to changing customer and market requirements with an iterative, Agile development approach. Lower TCO with an open, cloud-native software platform that provides full visibility and control over the application lifecycle—from building to deploying to continuously updating and integrating applications.