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Spring Cloud Data Flow Developer Training

Course Duration: 3 days


Spring Cloud Data Flow is a cloud-native programming and operating model for creating and deploying composable data microservices on modern runtimes.

This 3-day course provides developers with the skills needed to leverage Spring Cloud Data Flow for real-time and batch data extraction, processing, and ingestion. The course offers hands-on experience with installation and administration of Spring Cloud Data Flow; usage of the Spring Cloud Data Flow shell; creating, configuring, deploying, and scaling streams and tasks; as well as the development of custom modules including sink, processor, and source stream applications.

Intended Audience
  • Developers and architects interested in using Spring Cloud Data Flow for handling their data processing use cases

  • Basic understanding of Spring and/or completion of the Core Spring course
  • Familiarity with running basic OS commands from a shell/command-prompt
  • Basic Java development skills, including ability to run Apache Maven commands

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