The Cloud Native Journey

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The ability to deliver software is no longer a differentiator. In fact, it is a basic requirement for survival. Companies that embrace cloud native patterns of software delivery will survive; companies that don’t - will not.

In this webinar, we will:

  • Look at the common patterns that distinguish cloud native companies and the architectures that they employ.
  • Discover that an opinionated platform, one that stretches from the infrastructure all the way to the application framework, rather than ad-hoc automation, is an essential component to an enterprise's cloud native journey.
  • Show that the combination of Pivotal Cloud Foundry and Spring is the complete cloud native platform.

Simon Elisha
CTO & Director of Field Engineering for Australia & New Zealand

Simon Elisha is CTO & DIrector of Field Engineering for Australia & New Zealand at Pivotal. With over 24 years industry experience in everything from Mainframes to the latest Cloud architectures - Simon brings a refreshing and insightful view of the business value of IT. Passionate about technology, he is a pragmatist who looks for the best solution to the task at hand. He has held roles at EDS, PricewaterhouseCoopers, VERITAS Software, Hitachi Data Systems, Cisco Systems and Amazon Web Services.