The Cloud Native Journey

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The ability to deliver software is no longer a differentiator. In fact, it is a basic requirement for survival. Companies that embrace cloud native patterns of software delivery will survive; companies that don’t - will not.

In this webinar, we will:

  • Look at the common patterns that distinguish cloud native companies and the architectures that they employ.
  • Discover that an opinionated platform, one that stretches from the infrastructure all the way to the application framework, rather than ad-hoc automation, is an essential component to an enterprise's cloud native journey.
  • Show that the combination of Pivotal Cloud Foundry and Spring is the complete cloud native platform.

Faiz Parkar
Director of Product Marketing

As Director of Product Marketing for Pivotal in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region, Faiz Parkar loves working at the intersection of cloud native platforms, big data/analytics and agile application development to help organisations deliver compelling data-driven software experiences for their customers. With more than 25 years experience in the IT industry, Faiz has helped organisations large and small to take advantage of technology transitions from proprietary systems to client/server, from physical infrastructure to virtual, and from virtual infrastructure to cloud. His mission now is to help organisations accelerate their digital transformation journey and reinvent themselves as the digital leaders of the future.