Introducing the Cloud Foundry Java Client 2.0


Pivotal is committed to setting the standard for Cloud Native Java. The addition of the Java Client extends that leadership, allowing programmatic interaction with Cloud Foundry's REST APIs. This fully reactive API makes automating Cloud Foundry operations in Java / Spring as straightforward as possible. Project leads Ben Hale and Paul Harris will introduce the project components, the Client API and Operations API, which offer their reactive implementation courtesy of http://projectreactor.io/. Cloud Foundry developers and architects should expect code samples, demonstration, and a practitioner-focused presentation from the leaders of this community effort, which we're pleased to say extends far outside of Pivotal.


Ben Hale

Ben Hale leads Pivotal's efforts to constantly improve the Java experience on Cloud Foundry. Recently he has been working on the Cloud Foundry Java Buildpack with an eye to making it the best place to run Java applications, in the Cloud or otherwise. In addition, he leads the team that is revamping the Cloud Foundry Java Client, a Java language binding on top of the Cloud Foundry REST APIs.

Prior to working on Cloud Foundry, Ben worked on large-scale middleware management tools, tc Server, dm Server (OSGi), and Spring. If you go back far enough, he even worked on a network management and monitoring application, but will deny it when asked.

Paul Harris

Paul Harris is a software engineer at Pivotal, working on Spring projects such as the Cloud Foundry Java Client. Paul converted to programming from the clean and virtuous world of QA, where he worked as a consultant and at Oracle Retail before joining SpringSource, which became VMware, and then Pivotal. During those transitions he has kept the same chair, so is probably due for a new one.