Cloud Native Journey Webinar Series US

Expand Your Cloud Native Platform’s Enterprise Capabilities With The Newest Release of Pivotal Cloud Foundry

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Imagine if you or your team could release software into production weekly, daily or every hour.

Pivotal Cloud Foundry helps you make the transition to Cloud Native with a complete platform for delivering software rapidly, consistently and reliably at scale - allowing you to focus on building your business and not your IT infrastructure.

Check out the new release of Pivotal Cloud Foundry that expands the Cloud Native platform's enterprise capabilities and brings you frameworks for the latest architectural styles to:

  • Quickly and easily deploy microservices and Cloud Native applications with Spring Cloud Services
  • Run both your .NET applications and Docker® images on Pivotal Cloud Foundry as first class application workloads
  • Build, deploy, and operate Cloud Native applications on a wide choice of hosted, public, and private clouds, including early access support for Microsoft Azure
  • Continuously deliver your Cloud Native applications with on-platform technology integrations

Ian Andrews
Vice President of Products

Ian Andrews is VP Products @ Pivotal. In this role Ian is lucky to spend much of his time with customers as they define their Cloud and Big Data strategies.

Prior to Pivotal, Ian worked for market defining start-ups including Aster Data, Endeca, and Opsware.

Karun Bakshi
Director, Product Marketing