Deciphering the Buzzword Bingo


In a world drowning in terminology, how do we make sense of the current trends in IT: XaaS, Cloud Native, Micro Services, Containers, Agile, Continuous Delivery, Platforms, Abstraction, Dev Ops, IoT, Reactive Programming. What do they all mean? How should you consume them?

This talk reviews recent IT trends and how platforms like Cloud Foundry instigate change, both technically, and more importantly, organisationally. For example how do you structure your teams, how does Cloud Foundry help with continuous delivery? The essence of Cloud Foundry is not what it is, or even what it can do, it is about what it can do for you. That's what this talk will unpack.


Duncan Winn
Advisory Solutions Architect, Pivotal

Duncan has been working on Cloud Foundry since 2012. Currently Duncan works in Pivotal's Services Team to help companies install and configure hardened Cloud Foundry environments and related services so they get the most out of Cloud Foundry in an enterprise setting. Prior to moving to the US he was the EMEA developer advocate for Pivotal and ran Pivotal's Platform team in London. He is still very active in the Cloud Foundry community and co runs thisweekincf.com.