Publish, Secure, and Monitor APIs with Pivotal Cloud Foundry Route Services


Join Pivotal and Apigee to learn about Route Services in Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) 1.7.

Route Services make it possible for developers to transform or process network level requests before they reach an application. Operators gain the ability to offer their developers a curated, self-service menu of route services, deflecting one-off requests. Route Services are also designed with APIs in mind, making it easy to add security, authentication, and caching to requests.

Learn from Apigee's experience building one of the first Service Brokers to leverage route services! You’ll walk away with some powerful insights about how to build and deploy a full-featured API management platform as a route service and learn how to use Apigee features including quota enforcement, spike arrests, and content caching.


Shannon Coen
Principal Product Manager, Cloud Foundry at Pivotal

Shannon Coen has been guiding core functionality in Cloud Foundry since joining VMWare in 2012. He stayed with the project when it moved to Pivotal and served for three years as Product Manager with the CF Services team, responsible for the service broker API and marketplace user experience. Since 2015, he has served as Product Manager for the CF Routing team. Shannon is a member of the CF Foundation PMC Council.

Alan Ho
Head of Developer Programs, Apigee

Alan Ho is the Head of Apigee's Developer Programs covering developer relations and technology partner marketing. Previously, he lead product management of Apigee Insights, API BaaS, and mobile APM. Prior to Apigee, Alan was the CEO and co-founder of InstaOps (acquired by Apigee).