Route Services
Extensible application request processing to provide API management, security, and more.
Apigee Edge Service Broker for PCF

Service broker for Pivotal Cloud Foundry that connects to Apigee, an API platform solution. Easily integrate applications using Apigee's on-premise or SaaS-based service. Apigee provides API analytics, developer portal access, key management, API rate limiting and traffic shaping, OAuth and API security, API transformations (such as SOAP to REST transformations and versioning) and performance management tools (response caching, global distribution).

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Getting Started

To ensure maximum customer choice and flexibility, Pivotal Cloud Foundry is available in different configurations for private cloud, public cloud, or local development.

Try building applications backed by a Pivotal Cloud Foundry services marketplace today with a free trial in one of these configurations. Please review documentation and compatibility matrix to ensure the services are compatible with your architectural goals.