ISS Knowtify Search Analytics for PCF

Scalable Search and Log Search Analytics with Solr

Knowtify Search Analytics (KSA) integrates log analytics through search, log ingestion and visualization in one platform. Easy to deploy, due to its integration with Pivotal Cloud Foundry, KSA is based on Apache Solr®, the highly scalable open source search project. Pivotal Cloud Foundry users are given actionable knowledge at near-real-time speeds due to customizable analytics displays for rapid decision-making.

Monitor Applications in Development

Monitor log data in real time to track activity. Quickly search and display customizable dashboards to monetize insights.

Scales to Hundreds of Millions of Documents

KSA was designed to be dynamically scalable, as users don’t have to re-index until they exceed 50 Solr Cloud leaders.

Powerful Solr Search

The underlying search engine provides scale, and can be leveraged as a full text search engine.

ISS Knowtify Search Analytics for PCF
ISS Overview

ISS is a company that cares deeply about data and, most importantly, about empowering our customers by delivering the right data at the right time. The amount of data being generated and shared is growing exponentially, producing information overload and cluttering vision, mission or enterprise goals. ISS turns this information overload into information advantage. With a proven track record in innovation and a keen understanding of our customers’ needs, we are able support their mission today while effectively anticipating their needs in the future. ISS develops sophisticated data visualization, event analysis, pattern detection, mission planning, and mobile software using net-centric and enterprise architectures.

More about ISS

“KSA abstracts the complexity of doing a Solr-Cloud installation down to a few mouse clicks and enables users to immediately point to Cloud Foundry’s Loggregator and ingest and visualize logs in the dashboard. KSA is the “easy button” for Cloud Foundry log diagnostics and analytics!“

Wes Caldwell, CTO, ISS

How it Works

Install the KSA Tile and go.

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