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Twistlock for Pivotal Platform

Complete Lifecycle Security for Cloud Native Apps

Compatible with PAS, PKS, Standalone PKS

Compatible with PAS
Can be consumed by apps on PAS

Compatible with PKS
Can be consumed by apps on PKS

Compatible with Standalone PKS
Runs on PKS with no dependency on PAS

Enterprises using Pivotal Platform to build, manage, and run their cloud native apps leverage Twistlock to provide security for their applications. Twistlock ensures that application or container artifacts deployed to Pivotal Application Service (PAS) are implementing compliance policies and are free of vulnerabilities Deployments on Pivotal Container Service (PKS) benefit from full runtime defense and cloud-native firewalling.

Automated, Continuous Vulnerability Scanning for Pivotal Platform

Twistlock is easily deployed with Pivotal Platform to identify and block vulnerabilities in applications, container artifacts, and Blobstores. DevOps teams can integrate Twistlock directly into any CI/CD process to provide automated visibility into all your standard workflows. Advanced threat intelligence and machine learning capabilities deliver automated policy creation, runtime protection, and firewalling. As soon as code is built and deployed, Twistlock automatically acts based on your compliance state.

Support for All Your Application Frameworks

The Twistlock Intelligence Stream sources and aggregates vulnerability information directly from 30+ upstream projects, commercial sources, and proprietary research from Twistlock Labs. Twistlock has the most complete data to support all your application frameworks like Java, Ruby, Python, and Node.js for both Windows and Linux container artifacts and images. From CI/CD, to SIEM, to access control and secrets management, Twistlock integrates with the tools your developers and security teams already use.

Runtime Security for PKS

From network and application firewalls, to container runtime defense, to host protection, Twistlock defends your applications running on PKS against attacks and anomalous behavior. Twistlock runs natively on PKS to provide automatically-created runtime defense for every pod along with microservices-aware layer 3 and layer 7 firewalls.

Twistlock Overview

Twistlock is a cloud-native cybersecurity platform for modern applications. From precise, actionable vulnerability management to automatically-deployed runtime protection and firewalls, Twistlock protects applications across the development lifecycle and into production. Purpose-built for containers, serverless, and other leading technologies—Twistlock gives developers the speed they want, and CISOs the controls they need.

More about Twistlock

“Many Twistlock customers trust Pivotal Platform as the backbone of their application modernization efforts. With Twistlock's Pivotal Platform integration, our customers now have the automation, efficiency and effectiveness of cloud native cybersecurity at their fingertips for PAS and PKS workloads.”

John Leon, VP of Business Development & Alliances at Twistlock

How It Works

Twistlock supports any environment, including both Pivotal Application Service (PAS) and Pivotal Container Service (PKS) on Pivotal Platform. Built for the world’s enterprises -- Twistlock is engineered to automatically scale up and down as your environment and applications do. For PAS on Pivotal Platform, the platform supports scanning applications and container artifacts during the CI process and continuously monitoring them in Blobstores. Twistlock includes the following as part of our standard architecture.

Twistlock Console serves as the user interface within Twistlock. The graphical user interface (GUI) lets you define policy, configure and control your Twistlock deployment, and view the overall health (from a security perspective) of your container environment

Twistlock Defender enforces the policy defined in Console.

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