Dyadic Enterprise Key Management for PCF

Pure-Software Enterprise Key Management Supported by Cloud-Agnostic Virtual HSM

Dyadic EKM for PCF allows developers to easily deploy an agile, elastic, scalable, secure key management platform transparently within Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) Environment. Dyadic EKM is a virtual HSM that provides hardware-level key protection in all clouds, on-prem and hybrid locations without dedicated hardware.

Full Key Lifecycle Management

Includes partitioning, BYOK, generation, renewal, archiving, revocation of all standard cryptographic keys (RSA, ECC, AES) and all crypto APIs (KMIP, PKCS#11, Microsoft CNG, etc).

Multi-Cloud, Unified Key Management

No more key management in silos! Includes a KMIP server, and allows to protect and manage all keys from all workloads in one unified cluster.

Hardware-Level Security in Software

Dyadic vHSM has a mathematical guarantee of security, backed by a rigorous security proof. Dyadic vHSM does not rely on whitebox cryptography or security-by-obscurity techniques.

Dyadic Security Overview

Dyadic Security, a world leader in software defined cryptography, has developed a unique technology that combines both the high usability of software with the strong security guarantees that were previously only available through dedicated hardware. This technology is based on decades of research by two of the world’s leading cryptographers who founded Dyadic Security in 2014 together with a team of applied crypto experts.

More about Dyadic Security

Integration Features

Option to broker a connection to a service running external to Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

The service is documented with instructions for setup and operation.

“Dyadic has changed the game for enterprises in how they protect their sensitive data assets in cloud-based, multi-cloud and hybrid infrastructures. Based on decades of research in Multiparty Computation (MPC), our pure-software Virtual HSM for Pivotal PCF lets developers securely move in agile and short-cycle operations on the cloud without having to worry about dedicated hardware road-blocking the lifecycle and slowing it down.”

Avner Mor, Co-founder and CEO, Dyadic

How it Works

Dyadic Enterprise Key Management (EKM) is available as an add-on service that integrates seamlessly any application on Pivotal Cloud Foundry® to provide a frictionless user experience.

Using Dyadic EKM Service Broker for PCF, developers can store and manage cryptographic keys with a software-only solution that provides the same strong levels of security as a hardware solution (Hardware Security Modules).

  • Supports all standard crypto algorithms: NSA suite B, RSA
  • Supports all standard APIs such as PKCS#11, OpenSSL, CNG
  • Supports all use cases a general purpose (GP) HSM supports, with a plug and play integration

To utilize Dyadic Solution provided by Pivotal Cloud Foundry, your application must use Java JCE framework as the interface to the crypto operations. Dyadic plugs into the JCE framework by means of the EKM Client. The client cooperates with the cluster of EKM Servers that are already deployed . As the developer, you will make a standard installation of one software module (EKM Client), follow the Java instructions to add the custom Security Provider to Java Framework.

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