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Aerospike for Pivotal Platform

A High-Performing Database for Digital Enterprises on Pivotal Platform

Compatible with PAS, PKS

Compatible with PAS
Can be consumed by apps on PAS

Compatible with PKS
Can be consumed by apps on PKS

Compatible with Standalone PKS
Runs on PKS with no dependency on PAS

While Pivotal Platform enables infrastructure automation for Digital Enterprises, Aerospike provides the database that can efficiently operate both as an Enterprise Cache & Operational Datastore to address the challenge of building scalable Systems of Engagement (SOE). The core element of SOE is a highly performant database. Aerospike has launched three different Pivotal Platform integrations - “Aerospike EE Service Broker”, “Aerospike EE Managed Service” and “Aerospike EE OnDemand Service ”. Pivotal customers can benefit from all the integrations dynamically scaling up and down, as the requirements demand.

Dynamic, OnDemand

Aerospike EE OnDemand Service for Pivotal Platform allows customers to configure and deploy multiple Aerospike clusters in their Pivotal Platform deployment dynamically.

Managed Automation

Aerospike EE Managed Service for Pivotal Platform allows customers to configure and deploy a single Managed Service Aerospike cluster in their Pivotal Platform environment.

Simplified Developer Access

Aerospike EE Service Broker for Pivotal Platform allows customers to configure and interface with an externally managed Aerospike cluster from their Pivotal Platform Applications, typically used for extremely stringent SLAs.

Aerospike and Pivotal Platform
Aerospike Overview

Aerospike is a High-Performing Systems-of-Engagement Database. Aerospike’s architecture includes the unique Hybrid-Memory architecture, combining solid-state drive (SSD) and DRAM to achieve one million transactions per second throughput with millisecond latency. Its hybrid-memory architecture, optimized for flash-drive storage, uniquely provides customers with unprecedented advantages to build cache-less architectures for their systems of engagement / edge systems / operational systems at low TCO, while at the same time yielding very high-predictable performance. Given its key-value structure, predictable performance, self-healing cluster management, and no-shard abilities – it is very well suited for use cases that are “mission-critical” and “real-time” in nature. These core abilities of Aerospike enable it to be a perfect match for Gartner’s definition of HTAP (Hybrid Transactional / Analytical Processing) architecture.

More about Aerospike

Integration features

Option to broker a connection to a service running external to Pivotal Platform.

Option for fully automated management of the service on Pivotal Platform. Monitoring, failure recovery, and software updates with zero-to-minimal downtime.

Version choice. Operators can let developers choose between multiple versions of the software when creating an instance.

The service is documented with instructions for setup and operation.

Supports high availability against internal service failures to minimize downtime for bound applications.

Get visibility into details of service operation through standard monitoring and logging tools for products and Pivotal Platform.

Developers have control over when to upgrade to new versions, subject to policies set by operators, so that app modifications and downtime can be managed.

“Launching Aerospike on Pivotal Platform is a key part of our strategy to support on-premise cloud-based deployment for our customers. At the same time, Pivotal can now offer Aerospike’s unparalleled speed at scale as an integral part of their Pivotal Platform-based PaaS offering. We believe that the excellent synergies offered by using Aerospike on Pivotal Platform will help our joint customers embrace Digital Transformation quickly and easily.“

Srini V Srinivasan, Founder & CDO, Aerospike

How It Works

The Aerospike tiles can be downloaded from the Pivotal Network and then uploaded into your Pivotal Platform environment. Both the Aerospike EE Managed Service and the Aerospike EE OnDemand Service require a valid Aerospike EE license in order to configure and deploy the tiles. Contact Aerospike in order to obtain a valid license.

Once configured and deployed, each of the Aerospike tiles will allow developers to bind their applications to an Aerospike database.

Learn more about the features of Aerospike and discover potential use cases by visiting the Aerospike website.

Aerospike Service Broker. Connects to an externally managed Aerospike database. Documentation available here.

Aerospike EE Managed Service. Configure and manage a single Aerospike database cluster. Documentation available here.

Aerospike EE OnDemand Service. Developers can instantiate Aerospike database clusters on demand, managed by BOSH. Documentation available here.

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