a9s Consul DNS for PCF

Service Discovery For All anynines Services

The a9s Consul for PCF provides a DNS based discovery of anynines data services for applications running on Pivotal Cloud Foundry. By using static hostnames within the Cloud Foundry service binding, the bindings are still valid after IP changes.

Infrastructure-Agnostic Failover

anynines Consul enables a generic and infrastructure independent failover of anynines service instances.

Access to Common Data Services

anynines Consul is included in the anynines Data Service Kickstart Bundle. This Bundle allows you to use a growing list of services with a single licence. The bundle currently includes a9s MongoDB, a9s PostgreSQL, a9s RabbitMQ, a9s Redis, and the a9s Elasticsearch services.

Infrastructure-Agnostic Load Balancing

anynines Consul enables an infrastructure independent load balancing of anynines service instances.

anynines Overview

anynines has experience in operating highly available, distributed systems for over 10 years. Since 2013 anynines is among the first Cloud Foundry providers worldwide. By training and consulting with large enterprise customers, anynines has learned early how production grade data services need to be designed.

More about anynines

“With the anynines Data Service Kickstart Bundle we provide a faster time to market by offering the most important data services with just a single license.”

Julian Fischer, CEO, anynines

How it Works

The a9s Consul DNS for PCF tile provides features like a highly available DNS service discovery, DNS load balancing and an HA key/value Store.

This service is used and required by the a9s services for PCF like a9s MongoDB for PCF to advertise its service instances and service broker to the Pivotal Elastic Runtime.

The a9s Consul DNS for PCF can be integrated into the Pivotal Elastic Runtime via DNS Delegation or via the DNS configuration within the PCF Operations Manager.

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