Pivotal Function Service

Serverless extensions for Kubernetes

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Build and run functions, applications, and containers on Kubernetes.

Pivotal Function Service is based on the open source project riff

Automated Builds from Source

Pivotal Function Service uses Cloud Native Buildpacks to automate more of your development workflow.

This provides a balance of control for developers and support for enterprise operators to manage apps at scale.

Flexible Runtime Options

Pivotal Function Service offers a choice of deployment targets. Use the best option for your code!

The Core Runtime uses stock Kubernetes resources to deploy a workload.

The Knative Runtime uses Knative extensions to deploy HTTP triggered workloads auto-scaled from zero-to-N.

The Streaming Runtime (coming soon) will enable workloads to process message streams in conjunction with streaming platforms like Kafka.

Built with Kubernetes

Pivotal Function Service is built with Kubernetes Custom Resource Definitions and controllers. This approach provides developers and operators with an open, extensible platform for running containerized software on-prem and across clouds.


Focus on Business Logic

Developers implement only the business logic in a function. A language-specific invoker, provided by a buildpack, calls the function.

Automated Builds

Cloud Native Buildpacks are used to build container images from source code. A Build Service watches for changes, automating updates of dependencies and the base image.

Automated Deployments

Deployments are handled by PFS runtimes, offering different models for invocation and scaling.

Easily Connect Code to Backing Services

Workloads can access other services using credentials; other configuration details can be automatically injected into the container.

Route events or HTTP requests

In the case of the Knative Runtime, HTTP requests will be automatically routed. The Streaming Runtime will deliver events over messaging topics.

Fully Supported

Pivotal Function Service will be commercially supported as part of Pivotal Platform.

Use Cases
Web events

Website back-end services (e.g., form post handlers, authentication, tracking, and logging)

APIs to back-end data services for mobile and web apps (e.g., GraphQL)

Webhook handlers

Continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) automation

Chat integrations

Digital assistant services (e.g., Alexa skills)

Event-based integration

Scheduled tasks, data integration

File processing (e.g., images and videos)

Security scanning

Complex event processing and change data capture (e.g., monitoring, notifications, and alerting)

Custom authorization (e.g., via API gateway)

Large-scale streaming data

Bulk processing

IoT streams

Log ingestion

Machine learning

Stateful stream processing

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