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Scale the App

Increasing the available disk space or memory can improve overall app performance. Similarly, running additional instances of an app can allow an app to handle increases in user load and concurrent requests. These adjustments are called scaling.

Scaling your app horizontally adds or removes app instances. Adding more instances allows your application to handle increased traffic and demand.

Horizontal scaling
Horizontal scaling increases the number of app instances to handle increased demand.

Increase the number of app instances from one to two:

cf scale spring-music -i 2

Check the status of the app and verify there are two instances running:

cf app spring-music
state       since                  cpu  memory
#0 running  2016-02-23 10:55:08 AM 0.1% 461M of 512M
#1 running  2016-02-23 01:14:59 PM 0.0% 455.1M of 512M

Scaling your app vertically changes the disk space limit or memory limit for each app instance.

Increase the memory limit for each app instance:

cf scale spring-music -m 1G

Increase the disk limit for each app instance:

cf scale spring-music -k 512M
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