PCF Marketplace

Benefits & Overview

PCF Marketplace Benefits

Platform services include built-in capabilities for lifecycle management by platform operations teams.

Build Your Catalog of Supported Services

Offer developers a curated catalog of technologies that are preconfigured to work with Pivotal Cloud Foundry while taking advantage of operational best practices such as credential generation, metrics, and logging.

Lifecycle Management and Security at Scale

Pivotal-provided and third-party platform services are managed by PCF for efficient service-wide access control management, vulnerability patching, rolling upgrades, and automatic health management.

Self Service Provisioning and Management

Developers may self-provision reserved resources like databases on a shared or dedicated server, or utilize accounts on a SaaS application on demand. Services can be chosen from IT-curated service plans, including Highly Available configurations*, and monitored and scaled via the command line or web interface.

* Varies by service provider

“Cloud Foundry lets Comcast introduce a self service model for our applications and developer teams, making us more engaged.”

Sam Guerrero

Cloud Architecture Engineer, Comcast

Custom & User-Provided Services

Integrate Pivotal Cloud Foundry with your existing IT infrastructure. Custom and user-provided services make it easier to offer a single marketplace of common infrastructure services to your developers.

Custom Service Brokers

Enable self-service developer access to your existing IT systems by adding your own services to the marketplace. A custom service broker can create new accounts on web applications, provide access to external systems, or allocate service instances on demand.

User-Provided Services

Securely connect to any external application or legacy database using a simple service interface. This enables secure service discovery, without the need to hardcode sensitive information, by passing server credentials and configuration as environment variables.

For services that are available in Pivotal’s public cloud instance, please visit our Pivotal Web Services Marketplace.