Pivotal Platform Ops Manager

Automated Management and Upgrades for Pivotal Platform Deployments

Use Ops Manager to administer your Pivotal Platform installation. Keep your cloud-native platform updated and secure with automated upgrades and security patches.

Effortless Upgrades and Patching

Ops Manager makes it easy to keep Pivotal Platform running smoothly. Apply new upgrades, security patches, and other updates quickly. And do it all with zero downtime!

Out-of-the-Box Automation with Pipelines

Automate day-to-day administration. Connect Ops Manager to CI/CD tools like Concourse, and automate platform maintenance. Support thousands of apps without scaling your ops team!

Multi-Cloud Made Easy

No matter where you run Pivotal Platform, operators have a consistent experience. Ops Manager abstracts away the differences between cloud infrastructure targets, so it’s easy to run Pivotal Platform the same way, anywhere you like.

Pivotal Platform Operations Manager Demo


Ops Manager for Pivotal Platform provides a set of APIs and a graphical interface to manage the deployment and upgrade of Pivotal Platform components. Use Ops Manager to administer PAS, PKS, data services, and partner products.

How it works

Pivotal Platform Operations Manager is a set of APIs and a graphical interface used to configure and deploy platform components. The web-based graphical interface displays products, tiles and configuration settings and diagnostic reports to help you manage Pivotal Platform smoothly.

Many Pivotal Platform components are imported into Ops Manager as “tiles”. Each tiles includes everything required for that add-on service to run properly - an OS image, source code, and a manifest. From there, operators provide configuration details to complete the installation.

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