Redis for Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Quickly Deploy an Advanced Key-Value Store and Cache as a Service




Fast Deployment and Management for the Redis Key-Value Store

Redis is the popular open source in-memory key-value data store for supporting high performance applications. Redis for Pivotal Cloud Foundry helps developers quickly develop and deploy these applications by dramatically simplifying the setup and configuration process of Redis.

High-Performance Use Cases for Developers

With Redis for Pivotal Cloud Foundry, developers can quickly develop features for their applications such as:

  • Live, in-memory catching for very fast reads
  • Realtime computation on data structures
  • Ranked lists and leaderboards
  • Publishing and subscribing
  • Queuing

Developers have a lot of power and flexibility with Redis for Pivotal Cloud Foundry because of Redis provides powerful datastructure operators for keys that contain strings, hashes, lists, sets, sorted sets, bitmaps and hyperloglogs. Redis for Pivotal Cloud Foundry also supports persistence to disk, using RDB and AOF commands.

Easy Deployment for Operators

Operators can quickly and easily make Redis available to developers by adding Redis for Pivotal Cloud Foundry to their Pivotal Ops Manager. Using the Dedicated VM plan, operators can preprovision a pool of Redis virtual machines for developers to add and bind the service to their application.

As a service on Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Redis for Pivotal Cloud Foundry includes consolidated logging and monitoring, as well as virtual machine health monitoring, and recovery.

An Enterprise-Grade Platform

For many enterprises, a private cloud is the best deployment solution to address security, data privacy and scalability concerns. Redis for Pivotal Cloud Foundry runs on Pivotal Cloud Foundry in either a private or public cloud configuration to ensure the highest security and scalability for all your applications.

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