CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise for Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Enterprise-Grade Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery




Development Lifecycle Automation

Continuous integration services accelerate software development and delivery, while reducing the risk of software integration. Jenkins is the leading open source enterprise-grade continuous integration tool chain, all supported by a large and open community. CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise for Pivotal Cloud Foundry provides private PaaS customers with commercially supported automation software for the full application lifecycle – covering all stages from development, testing, staging and deployment to production.

Test Service Provisioning

Pivotal Cloud Foundry enables enterprises to adopt agile development practices, including test-driven development. With CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise for Pivotal Cloud Foundry, development and QA teams can automate test execution in Pivotal Cloud Foundry with automated provisioning of configured data service instances for tests managed by Jenkins.

Deployment Ease

Using CloudBees Enterprise Jenkins is now as easy as downloading and installing the CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise for Pivotal Cloud Foundry tile from the Pivotal Network. Once added to Pivotal Cloud Foundry Ops Manager, the Pivotal Cloud Foundry service will:

  • Install and configure Jenkins masters and slave nodes(user configurable)
  • Register a free, 30-day trial license of CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise
  • Install default plugins, including Gradle
  • Set up single-sign on (SSO) through Cloud Foundry User Authorization and Authentication service (UAA)
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