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Join Pivotal technologists and learn how to build and deploy great software on a modern cloud platform.

At this workshop, you’ll get hands-on experience as you test drive Pivotal’s Cloud Foundry platform. In just a few hours, you’ll realize the speed and ease of pushing an application on Pivotal Cloud Foundry, the world's leading enterprise PaaS, powered by Cloud Foundry.

The day is set up to fit your needs and time availability. Come for the first half and learn how Pivotal Cloud Foundry can help you build transformative software. Stay for the second half and learn about the power of Continuous Delivery and Microservices.

Meet the Roadshow Experts

Speakers vary by city.

James Watters

James leads the product management, product marketing, business development and solution engineering organization responsible for Pivotal's PaaS products.


Andrew Clay Shafer

Andrew is senior director of technology at Pivotal and a frequent speaker on agile, operations, devops, open source and cloud computing.


Matt Stine

Matt is a technical product manager at Pivotal. He is a 15 year veteran of the enterprise IT industry, with experience spanning numerous business domains.


Ian Andrews

Ian Andrews is the Vice President of Products at Pivotal.


Cornelia Davis

Cornelia Davis is the Senior Director of Platform Engineering in the Cloud Foundry team at Pivotal, where she helps customers and partners develop and execute on their cloud platform strategies.


Vinícius Carvalho

Vinícius Carvalho, Senior Field Engineer, has been working with enterprise Java for the past 13 years and as a senior architect on cloud architectures for the past 4 years.


Lawrence Crowther

Lawrence Crowther, APJ Community Engineering Manager, has more than 14+ years experience building and designing large enterprise systems across many different verticals.


Ford Donald

Ford is a Principal Architect with the Pivotal Cloud Foundry Services team, focusing on driving customer success on PaaS using Pivotal Cloud Foundry in the Enterprise.

Simon Elisha

Simon Elisha, CTO & Director of Field Engineering for Australia & New Zealand, has over 24 years of industry experience.


John Ferguson

John Ferguson is a Senior Field Engineer based in the Northeast.

Mark Fynes

Mark Fynes is a Senior Field Engineer based in the Greater Boston Area.

Jeff Holmes

Jeff Holmes is a Senior Field Engineer and solutions architect specializing in cloud application and infrastructure architecture.

Tobias Karlsson

Tobias Karlsson is an Advisory Field Engineer for Pivotal based in Stockholm.

Sufyaan Kazi

Sufyaan Kazi ​​is the Director of Field Engineering for Pivotal, UK & Ireland. He has many years of architectural and development experience and enjoys talking to organisations about how Pivotal solutions can fit into their IT estate.


Bill Keenan

Bill Keenan, Field Engineer, has extensive experience producing innovative software products by building and leading high performance engineering teams.


Tom Kranz

Having started out soldering memory chips into a BBC Micro, Tom has over 20 years experience working in IT, specializing in Solution and Technical Architecture.

Hin Lam

Hin Lam come from a background of infrastructure and cloud as Solutions Architect and DevOps, he has served customers from all over China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.

Christian Lewis

Christian Lewis is a senior solutions architect and field engineer, specializing in public and private cloud architectures.

Francois Martel

Francois, an Advisory Field Engineer, is truly humbled and honored to be part of the next wave of great technology coming out of this industry.

Joshua McKenty

Joshua McKenty was the co-founder of OpenStack, the most widely deployed open source IaaS in the world. As Field CTO for Cloud Foundry at Pivotal, he works with Fortune 100 customers who seek to transition to a cloud-native architecture.


Fred Melo

Fred is a Director of Technical Marketing at Pivotal. He has been developing software for 15+ years and his job is to help customers worldwide on their journey to Platform-as-a-Service and an agile world.


Jamie O’Meara

Jamie is a Platform Community Engineer for Pivotal. He is very passionate about PaaS, Cloud Platforms and its impact on software architecture, design and development. He enjoys technology and helping people solve problems.


Chris Mills

Chris is the CTO for Pivotal EMEA and a self-confessed geek, with a strong background working with middleware technologies.

Jemish Patel

Jemish is a Senior Technology Architect at Pivotal based in the Bay Area.

Carlos Queiroz

Carlos Queiroz is an Advanced Field Engineer at Pivotal.

Andrew Ripka

Field Engineer for Pivotal based in the Minneapolis area.

Austin Rutherford

As Director of Field Engineering at Pivotal, Austin leads a team of Pivotal Cloud Foundry Ninjas helping customers worldwide on the journey to PaaS and agile software development in the cloud.


Darrel Sharpe

Darrel Sharpe, Advisory Field Engineer, currently works in pre-sales, assisting customers discuss and analyze their business needs with respect to software, process and architecture.

Dekel Tankel

Dekel Tankel is a product executive at Pivotal Software Inc. Dekel is a proud member of the Cloud Foundry founding team.

Edison Ting

Edison Ting is a solutions architect and senior field engineer with over two decades of experience in software development.

Alexandre Vasseur

Alexandre Vasseur is a Field Engineering Manager for Pivotal based in Paris. Helping customers transform legacy applications and platforms into agile, lightweight alternatives leveraging PaaS, modern frameworks, fast and big data.

Ailey Crow

Ailey is a Senior Data Scientist at Pivotal focusing on life sciences and healthcare. She holds a Ph.D. in Biophysics from UC Berkeley where her research focused on applying novel atomic force microscopy (AFM) techniques to cell mechanics.

Sean Lee

Sean Lee has 19 years of experience in business consulting and strategy development.

Michael Coté

Michael helps tell stories about Pivotal Cloud Foundry as Director of Technical Marketing at Pivotal.


Hrvoje Pejcinovic

Hrvoje is a Cloud Applications and Big Data Solution Architect at Pivotal.

Jacques Malan

Jacques is a Cloud Applications and Big Data Solution Architect at Pivotal.

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