Analyst Report

Pivotal Raises Big Funding Round, Updates Flagship PaaS with User Experience Focus

An updated Market Impact Report by 451 research analyzing recent Pivotal business and technology milestones including series C funding Pivotal Cloud Foundry 1.7





Pivotal has enhanced its software and broadened its partnerships as it attempts to maintain velocity in the enterprise market. When its reins were handed back to an original co-founder of Pivotal Labs in August 2015, it was understood that some definitive changes were coming to the EMC/VMware spinoff. Within the past six months, three acquisitions were made, two new partnerships were announced and one major product update was rolled out – all in an effort to increase the usability of the company’s flagship commercial product, Pivotal Cloud Foundry 1.7, which also features integrated metrics and monitoring, new route services for developers and operational enhancements.

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