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Data Access that Scales to Reduce Complexity in Your Business

Unlock the value of your integrated analytics, by allowing access to more kinds of users, while safeguarding the privacy of data on your Pivotal Greenplum data platform. In order to accomplish this, you need more than just Role-Based Access Control (RBAC). BlueTalon provides advanced capabilities for Attribute-Based Access Control in addition to roles. This way, more of your business analysts, data scientists, and applications can safely use enterprise data while still maintaining the privacy and security of confidential information.

Enforce Masking and Filtering Policies

Using BlueTalon, your business defines policies for data fields in Pivotal Greenplum tables to allow, deny, filter, and mask data returned in queries according to these policies based on user/group, data, session, and business attributes.

Easily Support Multi-Cloud Deployments

BlueTalon provides centralized definition and management of data access rights and distributed enforcement to all data repositories regardless of where data is hosted or processed.

Simplify View Based Security

BlueTalon Policies eliminate the duplication of work required to maintain views and security tables across different data platforms as well as to maintain pre-filters in different applications.

BlueTalon Data-Centric Security for Big Data

BlueTalon Overview

BlueTalon is a leading provider of Unified Data Access Control for big data and data analytic initiatives. The BlueTalon Policy Engine dynamically delivers precise and consistent user access control to data across Pivotal Greenplum, Hadoop, SparkSQL, Cassandra, and traditional RDBMS, across on-premises and cloud-based deployments. The BlueTalon Audit Engine provides a comprehensive audit trail at the level of detail required for regulatory compliance and effective data security. Medium to Large Enterprises as well as Leading Fortune 100 companies rely on BlueTalon to eliminate security blind spots and gain visibility and control at the data layer.

Learn more about BlueTalon at bluetalon.com.

Integration features

Simple install of BlueTalon Enforcement Point on the Master instance to protect entire clusters without disruption of MPP functionality.

BlueTalon Policy Engines scale horizontally as the number of queries and/or users increases.

BlueTalon Policy Engines can be deployed across multiple data centers/cloud repositories.

Security Administrators can define and manage policies from a single GUI portal.

Multi-Availability Zone support enables businesses to have flexibility in cloud deployments.

“BlueTalon’s integration with Pivotal Greenplum is a significant development for businesses seeking a simple, fast, and effective way to secure their Pivotal Greenplum clusters. It means a single integrated management console can easily manage data security.”

Eric Tilenius, CEO, BlueTalon

How it works

The BlueTalon Management components—Policy Engine and Audit Engine—are deployed as a separate service. The BlueTalon Enforcement Point is deployed on the Pivotal Greenplum Master instance. The BlueTalon Enforcement Point transparently intercepts data requests from applications to the Master instance, and passes the user and the request to the Policy Engine and the Audit Engine. The Policy Engine verifies the password for the user and the user’s group definition with the authentication system. The Policy Engine then applies policies to allow, deny, alter, and mask the decision set based on user, data, session, and business parameters. The Enforcement Point then passes the modified query to the Pivotal Greenplum Master instance and the query is processed normally by the system. The Policy Engine also communicates the user and policy information to the Audit Engine, including the modified query for audit event tracking. Security administrators and DBAs use the BlueTalon Policy Engine to define policies and end users continue to use their favorite client applications.

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