Change Data Capture & Data Replication
Use pipelines to easily propagate changes in data between databases.

Connect Pivotal Greenplum to Change Data Capture (CDC) and data replication pipelines to store historical data creation, updates, and deletion events in upstream transactional databases or to replicate the current state of databases in a Greenplum cluster. Allow users to make analytical queries on transactional datasets without impacting upstream database performance.

Analyze transactional data

Send transactional data to Pivotal Greenplum for reporting and analytical queries to avoid impacting the transaction processing speeds of upstream application databases.

Replicate multiple data sources

Connect different data sources and automate their integration for storing into Pivotal Greenplum for future analysis.

Store entire change Histories

Use Pivotal Greenplum scalability to your advantage. Store entire change histories for analysis—even when they greatly exceed the data size of current transactional stores.

Leverage Apache Kafka pipelines

Send CDC messages via Apache Kafka pipelines to scale to any velocity. Make messages available for consumption by different applications in addition to loading into Pivotal Greenplum.

Replicate data in real time

Replicate data quickly with very low latency and lag utilizing high-speed automation and fast loading into Pivotal Greenplum.

Mix streaming and historical analytics

Take advantage of streaming analytics frameworks for real-time statistics as data flows into Pivotal Greenplum, and also conduct deep analytical queries on historical data stored in Greenplum.


Attunity Replicate empowers organizations to accelerate data replication, ingest and streaming across a wide range of heterogeneous databases, data warehouses and Big Data platforms.

HVR Software

HVR is a real-time data integration solution for Pivotal Greenplum with a rich feature set including log-based change data capture (CDC), bulk loading and data validation.