The Intelligent SQL Traffic Manager

Heimdall Data is a SQL traffic manager giving added performance and reliability to Pivotal Greenplum up to 100x. Heimdall transparently optimizes the performance of query reads and writes while ensuring your Greenplum environment is always online. Deployment requires zero application code changes.

Improved Application Performance

By bringing the data closer the application, application response times are improved. Heimdall Data intelligently caches into Pivotal GemFire and auto-invalidates data when it needs to be refreshed from storage in Pivotal Greenplum.

Route Queries Appropriately

Heimdall Data intelligently routes database queries to Greenplum or other databases for improved performance and reliability. Our toolkit of features include: 1) Batching singleton DML operations, 2) Intelligently routing OLTP and OLAP queries, and 3) Automated master standby failover

Data Protection

SQL query visibility is important for performance tuning and privacy compliance (e.g. GDPR, HIPAA, SOX). Heimdall Data captures all data access for auditing and filters malicious data attacks on Pivotal Greenplum.

Heimdall Data with Greenplum

Heimdall Data Overview

Heimdall Data is a SQL traffic manager for the backend data. From inception, Heimdall was designed to give application-database owners visibility and control without changes for their existing infrastructure. Whether deployed on-premise or in the cloud, Heimdall abstracts performance, reliability, and telemetry functions away from the application providing best design practices.

More about Heimdall Data

Integration Features

Offloads Pivotal Greenplum by batch processing, materialized view management and parallel query execution.

Hybrid database deployment (Greenplum and Postgres): Heimdall routes analytics and OLTP queries for optimal performance.

Intelligently auto-caches and auto-invalidates into Pivotal GemFire as a look-aside SQL cache.

Automated Write Master failover for Pivotal Greenplum for planned or unplanned outages.

SQL performance analytics from an application perspective giving complete query visibility; excellent for troubleshooting.

Logs all data access for compliance (e.g. HIPAA, PCI, SOX, GDPR) in a simple-to-export file to any logging system (e.g. Splunk, DataDog).

Query routing between multiple databases or different geographical regions.

Database firewall: Alerts and filters malicious data access.

Installs in minutes without any code changes.

How it Works

Heimdall Data is a transparent SQL traffic manager deployed between the application and database, as a 1) Sidecar process or 2) JDBC driver. Deployment requires no application or Greenplum changes. SQL performance visibility and optimization is managed by a Heimdall Data central console.

Heimdall intercepts queries from the application to the database:

  • Intelligently improves performance using various techniques (e.g. batch processing, materialized view management), Offloading Greenplum processing results in a performance improvement of up to 100x.
  • Heimdall intelligently caches SQL results in to Pivotal GemFire. Caching and invalidations are automated.

Heimdall Data is a shared SQL platform for the application developer and database administrator. Administrative rights can be tailored to each Heimdall user based on user’s role.

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