Pivotal Patent Information

The following Pivotal software products are protected by of one or more U.S. patents listed next to the product names.

Product Name(s) Covered by the following Pivotal U.S. Patents
Pivotal Greenplum Database (GPDB) 7,162,467; 8,341,153; 8,375,047
Pivotal GemFire 7,543,301; 7,689,986; 7,941,401; 7,966,315; 8,005,787; 8,171,491; 8,180,729; 8,201,187; 8,504,521
SpringSource dm Server (This was a runtime portion of the SpringSource Application Platform. SpringSource dm Server later became the open-source Virgo project at Eclipse.) 8,359,590; 8,516,464
Spring Roo (open source lightweight developer tool) 8,402,428