Digital Transformation with Pivotal and VMware

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VMware and Pivotal deliver a robust set of capabilities that accelerate next generation software development and delivery to drive business innovation.

Along with agile application development and data/analytics solutions, enterprises can leverage seamlessly integrated cloud technologies from VMware and Pivotal to build and run next generation applications. Together, VMware and Pivotal address the varying needs, maturity levels and current investments of modern enterprises to become their trusted partners in their Digital Transformation journeys.

• Flexible, Secure, Scalable Infrastructure

• Best-In-Class, Trusted Enterprise Partner

• Accelerates Innovation by Unifying Private, Managed, and Public Clouds into One Hybrid Cloud


• Startup Speed with Agile Methodologies

• Enterprise Resiliency with Next Generation Cloud-Native Platform

• Market Insights with Big Data Analytics

Joint Solution

VMware advanced virtualization technology maximizes your datacenter investments while ensuring enterprise security and stability. VMware and Pivotal have integrated this market leading virtual infrastructure with the leading cloud-native application platform.

Resting on VMware virtualized infrastructure, Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) transforms it into a cloud-native platform that supports DevOps collaboration, enables continuous delivery, and accelerates the pace and quality of software delivery.

Specifically, with Pivotal and VMware, enterprises gain the following capabilities:

Developer Benefits
  • Use either Docker images or directly push code in Java, Ruby, PHP, or Python
  • Automated and consistent build and deploy with buildpacks
  • Built in log aggregation
  • Self service capacity provisioning
  • Discovery and binding from a growing collection of developer services
Operator Benefits
  • Automated container scheduling and simple, horizontal scaling
  • Platform enforced application isolation and network security
  • Robust security constructs and role based access with 3rd party directory integrations
  • Automated metrics, health monitoring, and failure recovery
  • Zero downtime application and platform updates
Deployment Options

VMware offers two different options for the virtualized infrastructure underlying PCF.

PCF + vSphere

Market leading vSphere builds the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) foundation for a uniform hybrid cloud with best in class compute, storage, network virtualization, automation, and management offerings. vSphere can simultaneously support traditional and cloud-native workloads.



Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Choose vSphere as the underlying virtualization technology for PCF if:

  • You want to maximize existing investments in vSphere and related VMware technologies
  • You need to support existing as well as cloud-native workloads
  • You want to leverage the large existing VMware ecosystem of partners and tools
Pivotal-VMware Cloud-Native Stack (PCF + Photon)

VMware Photon Platform is purpose built for the scale, speed and dynamic elasticity demands of cloud-native workloads. Photon Platform is streamlined to provide a simple architecture that supports the continuous and rapid provisioning and disposal of infrastructure that is typical of cloud-native workloads.


Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Choose Photon Platform as the underlying virtualization technology for PCF if:

  • You are working on new, cloud-native application development without a need to support existing applications
  • You need the infrastructure to quickly adapt to infrastructure churn resulting from dynamic scale
  • You want a single, tightly integrated cloud-native platform with a unified purchase, deploy, manage, and support model

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