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Pivotal Container Service (PKS): Production-Grade Kubernetes

Highly Available, Built for Day 2 Operations

Kubernetes is a powerful container orchestrator. But how do you make it easy to operationalize? With PKS™!

PKS eases the Day 2 operations burden for Kubernetes (K8s) with built-in HA, monitoring, automated health checks, and much more. The product is built atop Kubo, an open-source project started by engineers from Pivotal and Google Cloud.

PKS is the ideal solution for:

  • Running Spark and Elasticsearch
  • When developers need access to infrastructure primitives
  • Apps that require exposing multiple ports per container
  • Workloads that require specific co-location of container instances

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Open Source Kubernetes

PKS uses the latest stable open-source distribution of Kubernetes. No proprietary extensions here!

Constant Compatibility with GKE

Apps are cross-compatible between PKS and Google Container Engine (GKE) so it’s easy move workloads to (and from) GKE.

On-Demand Provisioning

Deploy K8s clusters on-demand with BOSH, a powerful release engineering toolchain for distributed systems.

Breakthrough Operational Efficiency for Kubernetes

PKS simplifies Day 2 operations for K8s with built-in high availability (HA), monitoring, analytics, and automated health checks.

GCP API Access

Need to add GCP services to PKS? Use the GCP Service Broker! It allows your apps to easily access Google Cloud APIs.

Deploying Kubernetes with Cloud Foundry and BOSH

Meet Kubo. BOSH-Powered, Web-Scale Release Engineering for Kubernetes

In this alpha release, Kubo delivers a highly-available, BOSH-managed Kubernetes environment.

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The Buzz Around Kubo: Open Source Collaboration Among Cloud Foundry, BOSH and Kubernetes

In this webinar, Google software engineer Jeff Johnson and Pivotal product manager Alejandro Goyen demonstrated how to run and manage Kubernetes with Cloud Foundry and BOSH.

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Running PCF on GCP
GCP Service Broker

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