Master cloud-native essentials with Galvanize

Learn the Java Spring Framework and Pivotal Platform.
Unleash your enterprise development teams. Empower them with new skills to efficiently ship high-quality software. Brought to you by the experts at Pivotal and Galvanize.

The Cloud-Native Essentials course trains your engineers to use Spring, the most popular framework for Java, and cloud-native Pivotal Platform. This practical, hands-on program runs for 4 to 7 weeks. It starts with a series of online interactive tutorials. Then, students attend an immersive, in-person instruction session on a Galvanize campus—or even at your offices.


Enterprises like yours need to deliver custom software faster, on a larger scale, and at lower cost. To achieve these objectives, many are building applications in Spring, and deploying them on Pivotal Platform. Galvanize developed the Cloud-Native Essentials course to help teams of developers get ramped on these new patterns and practices quickly.

Elevate your team
Upskill your developers to utilize Spring in a test-driven environment and embrace cloud-native architecture patterns in Pivotal Platform.

Accelerate software production
Build a team that ships quality software efficiently, both now and in the future.

Digital media and classroom training
Our blended learning course includes checkpoints along the way to ensure that participants have the right skills to be successful.

$9,600 per student

4-7 Weeks

70 hours self-paced, online learning (plus two weeks on premises)

Blended Learning

Instructor-supported online (plus two weeks in person, instructor-led)


Pivotal Platform

Learn about services, manifests, blue-green deployments, and other cloud-native concepts.


Build flexible, independently deployable software.

Spring Boot

Rapidly build stand-alone, production-grade Spring apps by favoring convention over configuration.

Test-driven development

Practice test-driven development, a popular method with agile software teams.

Java Spring

Master the basics of Spring Framework for the Java Platform: APIs, microservices, security, and more.

"The curriculum is designed to help Pivotal customers’ existing web development teams achieve digital transformation. This course gives developers the technical skills they need to quickly produce software on Pivotal Platform to further their organization’s business goals. The program will benefit Pivotal’s customers by reducing the need to recruit, train, and hire new developers during a severe talent shortage."

Jim Deters, CEO of Galvanize

About Pivotal

Pivotal’s Platform drives software innovation for many of the world’s most admired brands. With millions of developers in communities around the world, Pivotal technology touches billions of users every day. After shaping the software development culture of Silicon Valley's most valuable companies for over a decade, today Pivotal leads a global technology movement transforming how the world builds software.
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About Galvanize

Galvanize is a dynamic tech learning community that offers education, workspace, and networking for students, startups, and large companies. Galvanize teaches web development, data science, and data engineering to students; offers support and workspace to member companies; and provides over 200 networking events across seven urban campuses throughout the nation.
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