A New Approach to Big Data

Pivotal Strategy Update

“We've been encouraged by the positive reception we've received from our largest customers/partners, and hope that it will represent a significant turning point for an industry that has been traditionally dominated by closed, proprietary database products.”

Scott Yara, President, Pivotal

Big Data Suite

Open. Agile. Cloud-Ready.

“Pivotal has provided great opportunities for CoreLogic. By electing to open-source core components of their data suite, Pivotal is making a strong statement to the industry on the importance of embracing community and establishing a more transparent relationship with its customers. We look forward to our growing relationship with Pivotal and are very encouraged by today's announcements.”

Rob Carpenter, Vice President of Technology & Product Architecture, CoreLogic
“Open sourcing Greenplum Database is great news for the industry. For the first time, there’s a serious enterprise grade, full featured, massively parallel database engine that’s available to everyone. And let’s not forget that the Greenplum codebase and APIs remain close to their roots in PostgreSQL, so a major open source community now has a clear upgrade path to Big Data. Enabling more people to get more value out of more data: that is a mission and vision we share at Trifacta.”

Joe Hellerstein, founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Trifacta
“Pivotal has a rich history of using open source communities to foster innovation and transformative products. At CS STARS, we are working closely with Pivotal to utilize leading-edge data aggregation and analysis technology to enhance our next generation, cloud-based risk management platform and to integrate data from the many stakeholders in the risk management ecosystem.”

Paul Marushka, President, CS STARS, LLC, a Marsh company
“Purdue's Student Success Analytics Tool leverages a wealth of data, Pivotal big data technologies, and sophisticated data science algorithms to provide students with the support necessary for them to be successful. The next generation of this tool will have Pivotal Big Data Suite at its core and will allow us to leverage even more sources of information to engage and now identify students with an interest and talent in engineering for recruitment. We’re very excited to watch this next chapter with Pivotal unfold.”

Gerry McCartney, System CIO and Vice President, and Oesterle Professor of Information Technology, Purdue University
“When Capgemini and Pivotal created the Business Data Lake a core message was the importance of flexibility in the types of analytics that Businesses needed. With these Open Source announcements we see increased flexibility for our clients as they transform towards Insight driven business models. Pivotal’s ability to offer ANSI compliant SQL on Hadoop and in-memory analytics and flex the approach based on demand is a key when focusing on outcomes not technologies.”

Steve Jones, Global VP of Big Data, Capgemini
“Informatica has long believed in the importance of reducing the barriers to getting value of data. And today’s decision by Pivotal to open-source its database technologies is the next step forward in the industry because it will increase momentum in the big data ecosystem and contribute to greater choice in the industry. Together our two companies will continue to work closely to deliver comprehensive data management solutions to the market.”

Amit Walia, Senior Vice President, Data Integration and Data Security Group, Informatica