5 Tips for Building Engaging, Data-Driven Mobile Apps



Whether you’re building a native mobile app or a mobile-friendly website, users demand an engaging, high-performance experience.

Check out our infographic 5 Tips for Building Engaging, Data-Driven Mobile Apps below for a short list of considerations as you embark on your own mobile odyssey.

Users demand engaging, high-performance mobile-app experiences

According to Gartner, next year ...

of organizations surveyed
and many will explore new technology
plan to increase spending on mobile development by 36%
and sourcing options 1
1 Gartner, “Survey Analysis: Enterprise Mobile App Development Spend is Increasing, While Platform Choice Remains Tactical”, October 2014

Engage design and development experts

Native mobile applications require different, hard-to-find skills

The market capacity for mobile application development services...
...will grow at least
faster than... internal IT organization's capacity to deliver them through 2017. 2
2 Gartner, “How to Choose a Mobile App Development Partner” August 2014

Be prepared to iterate frequently, at scale

High-frequency releases require a development environment that supports continuous integration, delivery and automated deployment

Brands with highly rated consumer mobile apps release
times per year 3

3 Forrester Research, “CIO’s: Organize for Mobile Success”, October 2014

Use mobile-friendly microservices

Releasing several different mobile apps is simplified and accelerated with reusable components


Capture use data to refine the app experience

The multitude of sensors produce a massive amount of data that provides an unprecedented, 360-degree view of your customer and users

The latest smartphone models boast 17
or more sensors

Invest in QA automation

Testing quality assurance (QA) over such a proliferation of devices and software is an overwhelming task

Android devices
minutes testing
hours testing

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