Case Study


Building Native Advertising Solutions that Scale



"Pivotal moves lightning-fast. We ran out of backlog after just eight days."

Rob Slifka, Director of Engineering, Sharethrough


Sharethrough’s video advertising business was a hit and their infrastructure wasn’t keeping pace in ways that would sustain unfettered success in the space they created.

With an ad hoc, manual approach to infrastructure provisioning and configuration, Sharethrough was vulnerable to escalating risk and unpredictability.


Pivotal pair-programmed with the development team throughout the project, laying a foundation that would support a predictable, stable process over the long term. As they shifted from sporadic deployment to regular, rapid iterations, Sharethrough’s team moved quickly with a solid foundation.

Pivotal automated the complex, time-consuming infrastructure, embedding repeatability and improving scalability on the back end. What had been an unpredictable, four-hour process could now be completed reliably in under ten minutes.